BSc Computer Science Syllabus 2024 (Free Download PDF)

Looking for the complete BSc computer science syllabus? We have answers to all your questions.

In this post, we have shared:

  • Everything you need to know about BSc Computer science.
  • BSc Computer Science subjects &
  • the complete syllabus of BSc CS (both in-text & pdf format).

Along with these, we have also shared some of the best books for BSc CS at the end of this post.

Don’t need additional info? Just want the syllabus? Use the below table of contents for better navigation!

About BSc Computer Science

BSc (stands for Bachelors in Science) is a 3-year degree program that can be done after completing 10+2 with Science.

Students need to choose either a single subject (like BSc Physics) or a combination of three to four subjects (e.g. BSc with PCM) during this 3 year period.

Well in this post, we are here to discuss the complete BSc computer science syllabus.

BSc CS (Computer Science) is a six-semester program in which various computer concepts are taught.

Different universities may have varying syllabus. However, in this post, we have shared a common syllabus for BSc Computer Science. Along with that, we have also compared it with the syllabus of DU (Delhi University).

BSc Computer Science Subjects

We have compared some of the most common syllabuses & found the most universities have two core subjects in each semester.

In general, the subjects taught during BSc Computer Science are:

  1. Computer fundamentals
  2. Introduction to C programming
  3. Digital electronics
  4. Data structures using C
  5. Computer organization & architecture
  6. Object-oriented systems in C++
  7. Database Management Systems
  8. Discrete Mathematics
  9. Data Communication & Networking
  10. Java Programming
  11. Software Engineering
  12. Web Technology

However, if we look at the syllabus of Delhi University, it seems to be slightly different. Have a look at it.

Programming: Fundamentals using C++Computer System Architecture
Programming in JAVADiscrete Structures
Data StructuresOperating SystemsComputer Networks
Design/Analysis of AlgorithmsSoftware EngineeringDBMS
Internet TechnologiesTheory of Computation
Artificial IntelligenceComputer Graphics

BSc Computer Science Syllabus

So far we have seen the subjects different universities taught in their college. Let’s dive into the complete syllabus of computer science.

You can click on the above links & view the complete syllabus of each book/ course.

Best Computer Science Books

I hope you have successfully downloaded the complete BSc computer science syllabus. Let’s have a look at some of the best computer science books for BSc.

Here is a complete list! (Click on below links to check price on Amazon)

Final Words

In this complete post, we have discussed the complete BSC Computer Science syllabus. The syllabus of your university may vary but the basic books that you will find are similar.

I hope you like this post & able to download the complete BSc computer science syllabus.

In the upcoming posts, we may also share study material for BSc computer science.

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