BSc 2nd Year Physics Syllabus

In this post, we have shared the BSc 2nd year physics syllabus for college students. Here’s what you’ll be going to find:

  • A list of all the BSc 2nd year physics subjects.
  • List of topics under all the subjects.
  • Download link of syllabus for BSc Physics & BSc Physics Hons.
  • At last, you will also find university wise syllabus of physics for BSc 2nd year students.

Read this article thoroughly to understand the complete syllabus & to download it in pdf format.

If you are a BSc 1st & 3rd year students, use the below links to download syllabus for respective courses:

  1. BSc 1st year Physics Syllabus
  2. BSc 3rd year Physics Syllabus (Available Soon)

BSc 2st Year Physics Subjects

There are two semester in BSc 2nd year. In each semester there are 3 physics subjects that you have to study separately. In the Semester III, you will learn about Mathematical Physics Part II, Thermal Physics & Digital systems and Applications.

On the other hand, the syllabus of Sem IV consists of Mathematical Physics Part III, Elements of Modern Physics & Analog Systems & Applications.

You can have a look at the below table for better understanding.

Semester IIISemester IV
Mathematical Physics–IIMathematicalPhysics–III
Thermal PhysicsElements of Modern Physics
Digital Systems and ApplicationsAnalog Systems & Applications
BSc 2nd Year Physics Syllabus

BSc 2nd Year Physics Syllabus

In the section we have shared the comprehensive syllabus of BSc Physics for 2nd year students. It consist of two semesters, Sem I & Sem II and the topic-wise syllabus of both the semesters is shared below:

Bsc Semester III Physics Syllabus

Mathematical Physics IIThermal PhysicsDigital Systems and Applications
1. Fourier Series1. Zeroth and First Law of Thermodynamics1. Introduction to CRO
2. Frobenius Method and Special Functions2. Second Law of Thermodynamics2. Integrated Circuits
3. Some Special Integrals3. Entropy3. Digital Circuits
4. Partial Differential Equations4. Thermodynamic Potentials4. Boolean algebra
5. Theory of Errors5. Maxwell’s Thermodynamic Relations5. Data processing circuits
6. Kinetic Theory of Gases6. Arithmetic Circuits
7. Sequential Circuits
8. Timers
9. Shift registers
10. Counters(4 bits)
11. Computer Organization
12. Intel 8085 Microprocessor Architecture
13. Introduction to Assembly Language

Bsc Semester IV Physics Syllabus

Mathematical Physics-IIIElements of Modern PhysicsAnalog Systems & Applications
1. Complex Analysis1. Blackbody Radiation1. Semiconductor Diodes
2. Integrals Transforms2. Position measurement2. Two-terminal Devices and their Applications
3. Laplace Transforms3. Two slit interference experiment with photons3. Bipolar Junction transistors
4. One dimensional infinitely rigid box4. Amplifiers
5. Atomic nucleus5. Coupled Amplifier
6. Radioactivity6. Feedback in Amplifiers
7. Fission and fusion7. Sinusoidal Oscillators
8. Lasers8. Operational Amplifiers (Black Box approach)
9. Applications of Op-Amps
10. Conversion

BSc 2nd Year Physics Syllabus Download PDF

Click on the below links to download BSc 2nd year physics syllabus in pdf format:

BSc Hons SyllabusDownload Here
BSc with Physics SyllabusDownload Here

BSc 2nd Year (University-wise) Physics Syllabus PDF

For those students who are looking for university specific syllabus, you can follow the below table for downloading BSc 2nd year physics syllabus for top Indian universities.

University NameDownload Links
Delhi UniversityDownload
Banaras Hindu UniversityDownload
Mumbai UniversityDownload
University of CalcuttaDownload
Andhra UniversityDownload
Kumaun UniversityDownload
University of MadrasDownload
Punjab UniversityDownload
Guwahati UniversityDownload
Utkal UniversityDownload

Use the above button to request syllabus of your university, if it is not available on the above list.


How many subjects are there in BSc 2nd year Physics?

In BSc 2nd year, there are two semesters & each semester consists of 3 books, thus there are 6 books in total.

List the BSc Physics books for BSc 2nd year?

Semester III Books: Mathematical Physics II, Thermal Physics, Digital Systems & Applications.
Semester IV Books: Mathematical Physics III, Elements of Modern Physics, Analog Systems & Applications.

How can I download BSc 2nd year physics syllabus?

In order to download BSc 2nd year physics syllabus, you have to either search for it on our website or have to download it from official website of your university.

How can I download BSc 1st year physics syllabus in pdf format?

You can download BSc 1st year physics syllabus here: Download BSc 1st Year Physics Syllabus

How can I download BSc 2nd year physics syllabus for my university?

We have shared the university specific syllabus for BSc 2nd year in this post. If you can’t find it leave a comment below & we will help you as soon as possible.

Final Words

In this complete guide we have shared the complete syllabus of BSc 2nd year physics subjects. We have also provided the download link for both BSc & BSc Hons syllabus in pdf format.

Additionally if you are someone looking for university specific syllabus, then for that we have also provided university wise syllabus.

If you have any problem downloading the syllabus, make sure to leave a comment so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

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