BA Political Science Syllabus 2024: Free Download (1st, 2nd & 3rd Yr)

In this post, we have shared the BA Political Science syllabus for 1st, 2nd & 3rd-year students. Following this guide will help you download the syllabus in pdf format.

We have tried our best to provide you with the university-wise syllabus for BA in political science as well. If you don’t find the syllabus for your university, simply leave a comment & we will provide you with the accurate syllabus for your university.

Let us start with a general overview of the BA political science course.

BA Political Science Course Details

BA Political Science course is a course offered by reputed universities across the world. It is an undergraduate course and the course duration is three years. 

The course is open to those interested in pursuing a career in the field of politics. If you are from a science or engineering background (in 10+2) and want to pursue a career in politics, then you should opt for the BA in Political Science course. 

It prepares students for many careers like law, public policy, or business. This course is a liberal art and sciences course that prepares students to be educated and informed citizens who are reflective and analytical thinkers. 

Students in this degree program should have a wide range of interests in foreign, domestic, and international issues. 

This is a degree that prepares students to take on a wide variety of roles in the political arena. Students should also have a strong background in the humanities and social sciences.

Eligibility: At least 50% in your 10+2 from a recognized school or board.

BA Political Science Syllabus

Political Science is the study of how people, governments, and societies interact with one another. 

The BA in Political Science curriculum covers a wide range of topics that are important to anyone interested in politics, such as democracy and its institutions, international relations, political economy, and public policy.

BA 1st Year Political Science Syllabus

Semester ISemester II
1. Introduction to Political Theory1. Indian Government and Politics

BA 2nd Year Political Science Syllabus

Semester IIISemester IV
1. Comparative Government and Politics1. Introduction to International Relations
2. Legislative Support2. Public Opinion and Survey Research 

BA 3rd Year Political Science Syllabus

Semester VSemester VI
1. Democratic Awareness ThroughLegal Literacy1. Peace and Conflict Resolution
2. A)Themes in Comparative Political TheoryB) Administration and Public Policy: Concepts and Theories2. A) Democracy and Governance    B) Understanding Globalization
3. Reading Gandhi3. Human Rights Gender and Environment

BA Political Science Syllabus Download PDF

The syllabus for BA Political Science for all six semesters along with a list of some of the best books can be easily downloaded by clicking the link below.

P.s. The syllabus provided here is in accordance with the UGC (University Grant Commission) & can be downloaded by the below link.

Download University-wise BA Political Science Syllabus

The syllabus of BA Polity for some of the top universities is given in the below table:

University NameDownload Syllabus 
Kerala UniversityDownload
Osmania UniversityDownload
Allahabad UniversityDownload
Magadh UniversityDownload
Kumaun UniversityDownload
Chhindwara UniversityDownload
Other UniversitiesLeave a Comment Below!

Final Words

As we have seen so far, the syllabus of Political Science for BA is divided into three years & each year is further divided into two semesters, thus the complete course is divided into 6 semesters in total.

In this post, we have shared the complete syllabus of Political Science in pdf format. By following the above sections, you can easily download the complete syllabus for BA in Political Science.

If you face any problems while downloading or the syllabus of your university is not listed in the university-wise section, do let us know via the comments section.

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