BSc 1st Year English Books: Free Download [2024 Updated]

BSc 1st Year English Books PDF

In today’s digital world, English is a necessity in almost every field.

If you are a BSc 1st year student with English as a subject, then it is essential to develop a strong command of the English language to excel in academic pursuits and future career opportunities.

Through this post, we aim to provide you with updated free download links for the English books for BSc 1st year students.

BSc 1st Year English Syllabus

The BSc 1st year English course covers a wide range of topics designed to enhance language skills, critical thinking, and communication abilities. 

The syllabus includes areas such as grammar, vocabulary building, reading comprehension, writing skills, and spoken English. 

Each topic holds great importance, as they form the foundation for effective communication and academic success.

The syllabus of English for BSc 1st year is divided into two semesters: Semester I & Semester II. Each semester comprises one to two books.

You can view the list of subjects in the below table:

Semester ISemester II
1. British Poetry and Drama: 17th and 18th Century1. Indian Writing in English
2. English Communication (L1)2. British Literature: 18th Century
3. English Communication (L2)

How to download the BSc English Syllabus of my University/College?

To download the syllabus of your university, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the official website of your university.

2. Navigate to the “Faculty” section or a similar section that houses academic resources.

3. Look for the syllabus section or a dedicated page for course materials.

4. Locate the relevant department or program corresponding to your field of study.

5. Within the department or program page, you should find a list of available syllabi for different courses.

6. Click on the desired course or program to access the syllabus document.

7. Download the syllabus to your device or print it for reference.

Additionally, it is advisable to connect with your teachers or professors for any specific or updated information regarding the syllabus. 

They can provide you with detailed insights, answer your questions, and guide you through the course requirements.

Remember, the official website of your university is the most reliable source for accessing the syllabus. Stay proactive in staying up-to-date with the syllabi for your courses to ensure a successful academic journey.

Also, please note that some universities use the same English syllabus for all UG programs. So in that case you might find “BA/B.Com English Syllabus”, instead of BSc.

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BSc 1st Year English Books Download PDF

In the last section, we have already discussed all the subjects when it comes to BSc with English. Now, following this section, you will be able to find download links for BSc 1st year english books in pdf format.

But, before you download these books please keep in mind that Fullonstudy does not hold the copyright for the books mentioned in this post. These books are the intellectual property of various websites (source at the end of this post). The purpose of sharing these books is solely to assist and support students in their academic pursuits. However, Fullonstudy cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the content provided. It is advisable to cross-reference information and exercise caution while using these resources. Fullonstudy shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or consequences arising from the use of these books. 

All the books along with their download links are shared in the below table. You can simply click on the download link & proceed with the download process.

Book NameDownload Link
1. British Poetry and Drama: 17th and 18th CenturyDownload
2. English Communication (L1)Download
3. Indian Writing in EnglishDownload
4. British Literature: 18th CenturyDownload
5. English Communication (L2)Download

Further, if you still can’t download these books using these download links, then you can follow a brief tutorial discussed in the next section.

Step-by-step guide to download BSc 1st Year English Books

1. First click the links shared in the last section. Let’s say we have to download “British Poetry & Drama (17th & 18th century)”, so we can simply click on the first download link.

2. After clicking the download link, the pdf will be directly downloaded on your computer. In case if you are using a smartphone, you have to use a pdf viewer like Adobe, WPS Office, etc.

Best English Books for BSc 1st Year

To assist you in your English language journey, we have compiled a list of recommended books that align with the BSc 1st year English syllabus. 

These books have been carefully selected for their comprehensive coverage of the topics and their ability to engage and enhance your language skills. 

Here are three books that we highly recommend:

1. The Best Guide British Poetry and Drama (17th-18th Century)

It is an exceptional literary resource that delves into the rich heritage of British poetry and drama from the 17th to the 18th century. 

This comprehensive guide offers readers a profound analysis and insightful exploration of the literary masterpieces that emerged during this remarkable era.

Whether you are a student of literature, an avid reader, or simply an enthusiast of classical English literature, “The Best Guide British Poetry and Drama” is an indispensable companion. 

Its engaging narrative and profound insights will captivate readers, enabling them to appreciate the depth and significance of these influential works.

This book serves as an invaluable tool for academic study, providing comprehensive coverage of major poets like John Donne, Alexander Pope, John Milton, and William Wordsworth, as well as iconic playwrights such as William Shakespeare and John Dryden.

The Best Guide British Poetry and Drama (17th-18th Century) - Dr. A. Kalam

Whether you are a student of literature, an avid reader, or simply an enthusiast of classical English literature, "The Best Guide British Poetry and Drama (17th-18th Century)" is an indispensable companion.

2. A Guidebook of Indian Writing in English 

This book is an indispensable literary companion that takes readers on a captivating journey through the rich and diverse landscape of Indian literature in the English language. 

This comprehensive guide offers a deep exploration of the vibrant tapestry of Indian writing, showcasing the incredible contributions made by Indian authors to the world of literature.

This guidebook goes beyond a mere listing of authors and their works; it delves into the historical, social, and cultural contexts that have influenced the development of Indian literature in English. The author’s expertise and meticulous research bring to life the complexities and nuances of this literary tradition, shedding light on the themes, techniques, and narrative styles employed by Indian writers.

A Guidebook of Indian Writing in English - Elit Publications

"A Guidebook of Indian Writing in English" is highly recommended for anyone seeking to explore and understand the captivating world of Indian literature in English. This book is an essential companion for literary enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone eager to embark on an enlightening literary journey through the works of talented Indian authors.


What are the subjects in English for the syllabus of BSc 1st year?

There are three major English subjects in the syllabus of BSc 1st year namely: British Literature, Indian Writing & English Communication. 

Which book is best for “Indian writing”?

For Indian Writing, you can go with “A guidebook of Indian Writing – by Elit Publications”.

How can I download the complete syllabus of English for my university?

In order to download the syllabus of your university, you can visit the official website of your university & under Faculty section, download the syllabus. Further, you can also connect with your teachers for the same.

How to download BSc 1st Year English books in pdf format?

To download BSc 1st year English books in pdf format, you can simply visit our website & search for the same.


Mastering the English language is an integral part of your BSc 1st year journey and future professional success. 

By utilizing the recommended English books and exploring supplementary reading materials, you will enhance your language skills, broaden your knowledge, and gain a competitive edge.

I hope following this post, you will be able to download BSc 1st year English books in pdf format. In case you have any issue, simply leave a comment or email us ([email protected]) & our team will reach out to you asap!



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