BSc Sem VI Chemistry Question Bank 2024 [Download PDF]

After a lot of requests from our readers, we are finally here with our most needy BSc study material.

Today we are going to share the download links for the BSc sem VI chemistry question bank in pdf format. You can also check out our previous post on Chemistry notes for BSc.

BSc Semester VI Chemistry Syllabus

Before going ahead, let us first discuss the chemistry syllabus of BSc Semester VI. The syllabus of BSc Sem VI consists of 3 main parts, i.e. Inorganic, Organic & Physical Chemistry.

Inorganic Chemistry contains 5 chapters namely, Hard and Soft Acid-Base theory, Organometallic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Polymers & Inorganic Materials.

In the same way, Organic Chemistry consists of Amino Acids, Peptides, Proteins & Nucleic acids as the first chapter.

Along with this, other chapters are Fats, Oils & Detergent, Synthetic Polymers, Dyes & Natural Products.

Last but not least, Physical Chemistry includes Photochemistry, Physical properties & molecular structure, Solutions & Thermodynamics III.

This is all about the syllabus of Chemistry. Now let us know how to download the questions banks from the below links.

The important questions for each of the three parts are given below in pdf format.

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Download Links:

SubjectsDownload Link
Inorganic ChemistryDownload Here
Organic ChemistryDownload Here
Physical ChemistryDownload Here

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