BSc Physics Books & PDF 2023 (Sem I to VI): Free Download

Whether you are looking for BSc Physics books or pdf files, you are at the right place. This post is all about the BSc physics books. Along with this, I will also try to provide download links of some of the top physics textbooks in pdf format.

After reading this post, you will come to know about the best selling Physics books in BSc for all semesters. We have curated the complete physics syllabus along with the most recommended books for all the six semesters in this article.

A Quick Note to Readers: “Looking for best books on 10 different sites won’t going to help you. Instead, purchase immediately after you find one & start completing your syllabus. By looking for books on so many websites, you are just wasting your valuable time.

Before knowing about the textbooks, let us first discuss a little about the BSc Course & the syllabus of all six semesters.

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About BSc Course & Syllabus

BSc stands for Bachelor of Science is an undergraduate program designed for 10 +2 students who are interested in the Science stream.

Anyone who had completed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics or Biology is eligible to take admission in this course. It is a 3-year program including 6 semesters. The various subjects that come under the Bachelor of Science are:

  1. Physics
  2. Mathematics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Computer Science
  5. Zoology
  6. Botany
  7. Environmental Science
  8. Electronics
  9. Biochemistry
  10. Biology

This is all about the subjects that are offered under the BSc program.

BSc in Physics

BSc in Physics is an undergraduate Physics course that focuses on theory and experiments based on the fundamentals of Physics. Generally, BSc in Physics is taught with two other subjects (e.g. Chemistry & Mathematics). However one can opt for Physics Hons.

BSc Physics is one of the most interesting & inspiring science subjects that help individuals to deal with physical observables. Let us know the semester-wise syllabus of BSc Physics.

BSc Physics Syllabus

BSc Physics comprises 6 semesters. Each Semester includes 3 BSc physics books. The complete information regarding each semester is given in the tables below:

01. Syllabus for Sem. I & II

BSc Physics Semester IBSc Physics Semester II
1.  Mechanics1. General Properties of matter
2. Electricity2. Magnetism
3. Theory of Oscillations3. Waves and Acoustics

02. Syllabus for Sem. III & IV

BSc Physics Semester IIIBSc Physics Semester IV
1. Thermodynamics1. Heat Transfer Mechanism
2. Geometrical Optics2. Physical Optics
3. Elementary Solid State Physics3. Statistical Physics

03. Syllabus for Sem. V & VI

BSc Physics Semester IIIBSc Physics Semester IV
1. Quantum Mechanics1. Special Relativity & Electromagnetic waves
2. Atomic and Molecular Physics2. Subatomic Physics
3. Basic Electronics3. Analog and Digital Electronics

Note: The syllabus shown here is in accordance with the latest UGC curriculum. If your syllabus does not match the above syllabus, you can organize it accordingly. If the books are completely different, simply leave a comment below this post with complete details ( i.e. Your University Name & problem you have faced). Click here to leave a comment.

A list of best-selling BSc Physics Books along with the purchase link is given below. The purchase links are from the two most common websites i.e. Amazon & Flipkart. You can also buy these books from the offline stores/shops available in your city.

If we look at the syllabus of BSc Sem I, Mechanics, Electricity & Theory of Oscillations are three major books. On the other hand in Sem II, General Properties of Matter, Magnetism & Wave Acoustics are the main books. Some of the most recommended books by different universities are given below.

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Mechanics & General Properties of Matter:

Book NameAvailable on Amazon Available on Flipkart
1. Mechanics by D.S. Mathur (S. Chand Publishing)Yes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
2.  Elements of Properties of Matter by D.S. Mathur (S. Chand Publishing)Yes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
3. General Properties of Matter by J.C. UpadhyayYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)

Electricity & Magnetism:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Electricity & Magnetism by D.C. TayalYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
2. K.K Teewari, Electricity & MagnetismYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
3. Electricity & Magnetism by Satya PrakashYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)

Theory of Oscillations & Acoustics:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Brijlal and Subrahmanyam -Waves and OscillationsYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
2. Satya Prakash- Wave & OscillationsYes (Buy Now)No (Check Status Here)
3. D.P. Khandelwal –Oscillations & Waves Not Available Not Available

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BSc Sem III & IV consists of three main books that are Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Mechanics, Optics (Geometrical & Physical) & Solid State/Statistical Physics. Some of the top books for the same are given below with the “Buy Now” link.

Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Mechanism:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Mechanism by S. ChandYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
2. Heat & Thermodynamics by S. LoknathanYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
3. Sharma and K.K. Sarkar “Thermodynamics & Statistical PhysicsNot AvailableNot Available

Geometrical & Physical Optics:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Optics by S.ChandYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
2. B. K. Mathur –Geometrical & Physical OpticsYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
3. Optics and Atomic Physics by D.P. KhandelwalNot AvailableNot Available

Solid State & Statistical Physics:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Solid State Physics by Laxmi PublicationsYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
2. S.O. Pillai: Solid State PhysicsYes (Buy Now)Not Available
3. Fundamental of solid State Physics by Pragati PrakashanYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
4. Elements of Statistical Mechanics by S. ChandYes (Buy Now)Not Available
5. Bhattarjee J.K.: Statistical PhysicsYes (Buy Now)Not Available

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Quantum Mechanics, Special Theory of Relativity & Electromagnetic waves comes under the first book. On the other hand, Atomic/Molecular Physics & Subatomic Physics covers the second book of BSc 3rd year.

Last but not least the third book covers Basic Electronic & Analog/Digital Electronics. Some of the best BSc physics books for each of the three papers are given below.

Quantum Mechanics, Special Theory of Relativity & Electromagnetic Waves:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Advanced Quantum Mechanics by B.S. RajputYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
2. Quantum Mechanics by Ghatak and LokanathanYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
3. Modern Physics by S. ChandYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
4.  Introduction to Modern Physics by H.S. Mani and MehtaYes (Buy Now)Not Available
5. Electricity and Magnetism by A. S. Mahajan and A. RangwalaYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)

Atomic, Molecular & Subatomic Physics:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Atomic & Molecular Physics by RajkumarYes (Buy Now)Not Available
2. Modern Physics by S. ChandYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
3. Introduction to Modern Physics by H.S. Mani and MehtaYes (Buy Now)Not Available
4.  Nuclear Physics by D.C. TayalYes (Buy Now)Not Available
5. Basic Nuclear Physics by B.N. SrivastavYes (Buy Now)Not Available

Basic Electronics, Analog & Digital Electronics:

Book NameAvailable on AmazonAvailable on Flipkart
1. Elements of Electronics by S. Chand & Co.Not AvailableNot Available
2. Hand-Book of Electronics by Gupta KumarYes (Buy Now)Not Available
3. Electronic Devices & Circuit Theory by R. BoylestedYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)
4.  Basic Electronics by V.K.MehtaYes (Buy Now)Yes (Buy Now)

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Important BSc Physics Books & PDF for Sem I to VI

Till now, we have shared a lot of BSc Physics books for different semesters. The above books are good if you are able to purchase them. However, if you can’t afford or need any of them urgently, you can download the pdf format from the below links.

Please note that pdf format is not available for all books. Some books in pdf are free to download & others are premium.

Note: All the downloadable study material is linked to original source via an external link. If you’re the author of the book & don’t want the book to be distributed in pdf format, kindly leave an email at

Book NameDownload Links
1.       Mechanics by D.S. MathurDownload Here
2.       Electricity & Magnetism by D.C. TayalDownload Here
3.      U.O.U. Electricity & MagnetismDownload Here
4.       Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Mechanism by S. ChandDownload Here
5.       Optics by S. ChandDownload Here

Other books will be available as soon as possible.

Final Words:

This complete post is all about some of the best BSc physics books. We have shared more than two books for each paper so as to make it easy for you to choose from a range of books.

Some books might not be available on Amazon & Flipkart & thus we have shown them Not Available (in red color). You can purchase these books from your local store. However, most of the books are already available on Amazon & Flipkart.

We have also added the download links of some of the pdf files related to the above books.

I hope you like this post. Leave a comment to let us know what you think about it!

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