BSc Nursing Books 2024: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Year [PDF]

If you are a BSc nursing student & looking for free to download BSc nursing books, then this post is for you.

Along with free books in pdf format, we have also shared some of the best nursing books that you can buy online.

The books are available for all four years of the course along with the detailed syllabus for each year.

Alright, so without any further delay, let us first know a little about BSc Nursing & the list of subjects offered under this course.

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About BSc Nursing

BSc Nursing is an undergraduate degree in the field of medical science that one can pursue after passing 10+2 from a recognized board.

After completing this four-year program, you can have numerous job opportunities in the field of health care. Some of the popular jobs include nurse manager, psychiatric nurse, tutor, etc.

The eligibility criteria for this course is 10 + 2 with at least 50% from a recognized university. Additionally, the selection procedure is composed of an entrance exam. Some of the BSc nursing entrance exams include AIIMS, JIPMER, AJEE, AUAT, etc.

The BSc Nursing course includes a variety of subjects like Anatomy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Surgical nursing, Child Health Nursing, etc. 

The detailed syllabus for each of the years along with the books is discussed in the next section.

BSc Nursing Books

In this section, we have listed some of the best books for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th-year students of BSc nursing. Along with this, we have also provided the link to download nursing books in pdf format.

Please note that the syllabus of your university might differ from yours university. In the below sections, we have discussed the general syllabus as per INC. 

BSc 1st Year Nursing Books

In the first year of BSc Nursing, there are 8 books. The complete list of books is shown below in tabular format below.

1. Anatomy5. Microbiology
2. English6. Introduction to computers
3. Biochemistry7. Nursing Foundations
4. Physiology8. Nutrition

If you are looking for an all-in-one book of BSc Nursing, then you can go for BSc Nursing 1st Year (Pack of 5 Books) by Arya Bhusan.

BSc 1st Year Combo Pack

(Set of 5 Books)

You can also download the BSc 1st Year Nursing Books provided by IGNOU through the below link:

BSc 2nd Year Nursing Books

The syllabus for the 2nd year of BSc Nursing comprises quite interesting subjects like Medical-Surgical Nursing, Pathology, Pharmacology & Genetics. 

The complete list of all the subjects is shown in the below table:

1. Sociology5. Community Health Nursing-I
2. Medical-Surgical Nursing-I6. Communicational and Educational Technology
3. Pathology 7. Genetics
4. Pharmacology

Similar to the first year, a combo pack is available for 2nd year of BSc Nursing. This book is available on Amazon as BSc Nursing 2nd Year (Pack of 5 Books) – by Pm Pratibha, Bhanu Priya & Shrisha K Indra.

BSc 2nd Year Combo Pack

(Set of 5 Books)

If you are looking for books in pdf format, then click on the below link to download.

BSc 3rd Year Nursing Books

The syllabus of BSc 3rd is quite small compared to the first & 2nd years. In this year, you will study the second part of Medical-Surgical Nursing along with some more interesting subjects like Child Health Nursing, Mental Health Nursing & Research & Statistics.

1. Medical-Surgical Nursing – II3. Child Health Nursing
2. Mental Health Nursing4. Nursing Research & Statistics

Some of the best books for BSc 3rd year of Nursing are shown below:





medical surgical nursing 2

PV Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing II

mental health nursing

A Guide To Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing

If you prefer to download the books in pdf format, click on the following link:

BSc 4th Year Nursing Books

Last but not least, the final year of BSc Nursing is quite the same as the 3rd year. In the final year, you will get to learn in-depth about Community Health Nursing or we can say the second part of it.

Additionally, Maternal Nursing & Management of Nursing Services is also on the syllabus of BSc 4th year.

1. Maternal Nursing3. Management of Nursing Services and Education
2. Community Health Nursing – II

Under just ₹ 1500, you can buy all the 3 books of the final year of BSc Nursing. It is a combo pack available on Amazon – authored by Seeta Devi, Bhanu Priya & Kavitha.

BSc 4th Year Combo Pack

(Set of 5 Books)

In the next section, we have provided download links for all four years. You can download the books as per your syllabus.

BSc Nursing Books in PDF Format

Till now, we have discussed some of the best books for BSc Nursing. In case you don’t wish to buy a book, then downloading it in the form of a pdf is always a good idea.

Nevertheless, your favorite book might not be available in pdf format. To be honest – none of the combos we discussed in the above sections are available in pdf format.

Alternatively, you can download free BSc Nursing books from IGNOU in this section. These books are quite similar to the INC syllabus. You can get these books by clicking the link in the table below.

BooksDownload Links
1. Nursing FoundationsDownload Here
2. Nutrition & BiochemistryDownload Here
3. MicrobiologyDownload Here
4. Computers in nursingDownload Here
5. English CommunicationDownload Here
6. SociologyDownload Here
7. Medical-Surgical NursingDownload Here
8. Community Health NursingDownload Here
9. Mental Health NursingDownload Here
10. Child Health NursingDownload Here
11. Nursing Research & StatisticsDownload Here
12. Management of Nursing Services & EducationDownload Here



How many books are in BSc nursing?

In the four-year curriculum, there are more than 12 subjects – 8 in the first year, 7 in the second year, 4 in the third year & three in the final year. 

What are the books for BSc Nursing 1st year?

In the first year of the BSc Nursing course, you will have to study Anatomy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Nursing Foundations, Physiology & Introduction to Computers.

Is BSc Nursing tough?

Compared to other BSc courses, BSc Nursing is definitely challenging. Although, it depends on each individual.

How can I download BSc Nursing Books in pdf format?

You can easily download the BSc Nursing Books by clicking this link or searching for the “BSc nursing books by Fullonstudy” on your browser.


In this article, we have tried our best to cover as much as we can regarding BSc Nursing Books. We have discussed the best book available on the market for each year. Additionally, we have provided download links for books in pdf format for each year.

We hope you can easily download the BSc nursing books by following this guide. If you still have any queries, you can simply leave a comment below this post & we are happy to help.

Do share this post with your friends & classmates – because “Sharing is Caring”.

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