BSc Books in Hindi 2024: Free Download PDF (All Semesters)

If your native language is Hindi and you want to download BSc Books in Hindi, you might be wondering how to download BSc books in Hindi in PDF format?

Well, to help you out – we are here with download links of BSc books for free in pdf. These books will be good enough for all the Hindi medium students.

In our previous post, we have also covered BSc books in the English language. However, after a lot of comments and feedback from our readers, we have decided to make a similar post on how to download these books in Hindi language.

Before we begin, we want to make it clear to you that at this moment, books for all the subjects are not available. However, we are trying our best to continuously add books for other subjects as well.

BSc Course Overview

BSc (Bachelor of Science) is a course which can be taken by anyone who is interested in pursuing a degree in the field of science. It is a 3 to 4 year course & students across the country take this course in both Hindi & English language.

The course basically consists of 3 or 4 years, & each year is divided into two semesters. If we talk about subjects, below is the list of subjects that you can choose from in your bachelor’s of science:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. Zoology
  5. Botany
  6. Statistics
  7. IT
  8. Computer Science, etc.

BSc Books in Hindi: Free Download PDF

In this section, we will share the download links through which you can easily download BSc books for various subjects in Hindi. 

Please note that at this moment, books are only available for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. However, we will add more books as soon as possible.

Additionally, these books are not owned by us, we have just shared the links from the already existing directory of IGNOU. IGNOU offers free to download study material for UG & PG students. You can learn how to download IGNOU books for free through our previous post.

In the below sections, the subject-wise BSc books in hindi are given. All you have to do is to follow the below sections & you are good to go.

1. BSc Physics Books in Hindi

BSc Physics Course is an undergraduate degree course in physics that is offered by many universities in India. It is usually offered in the form of a three to  four-year undergraduate program & is the most popular program in the field of physics.

In this course, students are expected to study the fundamentals of physics and its applications.

The syllabus of BSc physics is as:

BSc 1st Year Physics Syllabus

  • Mechanics & General Properties of Matter (यांत्रिकी और पदार्थ के सामान्य गुण)
  • Electricity & Magnetism (विद्युत चुंबकत्व)
  • Theory of Oscillations, Waves & Acoustics (दोलनों, तरंगों और ध्वनिकी का सिद्धांत)

BSc 2nd Year Physics Syllabus

  • Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer Mechanism (ऊष्मप्रवैगिकी और गर्मी हस्तांतरण तंत्र)
  • Optics (प्रकाशिकी)
  • Solid State Physics & Statistical Mechanics(सांख्यिकीय यांत्रिकी)

BSc 3rd Year Physics Syllabus

  • Quantum Mechanics & Theory of Relativity (क्वांटम यांत्रिकी और सापेक्षता का सिद्धांत)
  • Atomic & Molecular Physics (परमाणु और आणविक भौतिकी)
  • Electronics (इलेक्ट्रानिक्स)

Download BSc Physics Syllabus →

Download BSc Physics Hindi Books →

2. BSc Chemistry Books in Hindi

BSc Chemistry course is a course that is specially designed for students who would like to pursue a career in the field of chemistry. This course is offered by many universities in India. A course in chemistry is designed to help students learn about the fundamentals of this field. 

This course is divided into a core syllabus and a number of elective modules. The core syllabus helps the student learn about the fundamentals of the field of chemistry and the elective modules help the student learn about the particular fields of chemistry.

Talking about the syllabus of Chemistry, it consists of three main subjects in each of the 3 or 4 years degree programs. These books are:

  1. Inorganic Chemistry
  2. Organic Chemistry &
  3. Physical Chemistry

Further, these books consist of several chapters that vary from year to year. Below is the link to download BSc Chemistry books in Hindi.

Download BSc Chemistry Syllabus →

Download BSc Chemistry Hindi Books →

3. BSc Mathematics Books in Hindi

The BSc Mathematics Course is generally considered to be the most important course for students who want to pursue a career in the field of Mathematics. 

It is a subject that is offered for a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Many universities offer this course that is designed for the students who have completed their secondary school education in India.

The syllabus of BSc Mathematics course is quite large & a brief overview of books is as shown below:

BSc 1st Year Mathematics Syllabus

  • Group Theory, Elementary Algebra & Trigonometry
  • Differential & Integral Calculus
  • Vector Analysis & Analytical Geometry

BSc 2nd Year Mathematics Syllabus

  • Advanced Algebra, Vector Spaces & Matrices
  • Differential Equations & Real Analysis
  • Mechanics & Mathematical Methods

BSc 3rd Year Mathematics Syllabus

  • Linear Algebra & Numerical Methods
  • Complex Analysis & Mathematical Statistics
  • Operation Research

Download BSc Mathematics Syllabus →

Download BSc Mathematics Hindi Books →

How to download BSc Books for free in Hindi?

In order to download BSc books in hindi, you have to follow the below steps:

#1. First of all click the download links given at the end of each section & you will be redirected to a page like the one shown below.

How to download BSc Books in Hindi

#2. After you click on those links, the download links to these chapters will open up in front of you. Here is how it will look…

BSc Books Hindi Download Links

#3. Here you have to simply click on the Unit of your choice & as you proceed, the download button will appear on your screen & you can easily download a book from there.

BSc Books in Hindi Download Steps

Final Words

In this complete guide we have shared BSc books in Hindi. For now, the books for all the subjects are not available in Hindi. However, we are trying our best to arrange other books as well.

Till now, you can stay connected with us by joining our Telegram channel or by following us on Instagram.

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