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B.Ed Books

B.Ed Books & Notes: Download PDF [1st & 2nd Year]

B.Ed stands for Bachelors of Education is a two-year professional undergraduate degree course where students learn the principles of teaching.

It is one of the best courses for students who are interested in making a career in teaching or want to become a teacher.

In this post, we will discuss a brief overview of the B.Ed course, the detailed syllabus, the best books in the market & finally, how you can download free B.Ed books & notes in pdf format.

If you invest your next 5-6 minutes reading this post, you will be well aware of:

  • The B.Ed course,
  • detailed syllabus of all four semesters,
  • Best books available in the market &
  • PDF Books that are available for free to download.

Additionally, at the end of this post, we will also provide the link to our telegram channel.

Let’s start with the basic introduction of B.Ed (Bachelors of Education)!

About B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

Bachelors of education, most commonly known as B.Ed is a 2-year undergraduate degree program that can be done after graduation.

 Students can also do integrated B.Ed courses after 10+2. In an integrated course, students will be taught B.Ed + Any Bachelor Degree. The duration of the integrated course is 4 years.

About B.Ed Course

In this course, you will learn some of the most interesting subjects like Student Psychology, Leadership, Communication skills & much more.

IGNOU, DU, IPU CET, RIE CEE & other state universities in India conduct entrance exams for B.Ed every year. The admission process involved selection through entrance exams followed by counseling in various institutions.

After completing your bachelor’s in education, you are eligible for various jobs in the teaching profession including School Teachers, Education consultants, Research assistants, etc.

B.Ed Syllabus: 1st & 2nd Year

The complete BEd course is divided into two years. Each year you have to study around 5 to 6 subjects. The syllabus of B.Ed may slightly differ from university to university, however, the core subjects remain the same.

The syllabus of both the years (1st & 2nd) of B.Ed is as:

B.Ed 1st Year Books / Syllabus

1. Childhood & Growing Up2. Contemporary India & Education
3. Learning & Teaching4. Language across the Curriculum
5. Understanding Disciplines & Subjects

B.Ed 2nd Year Books / Syllabus

1. Knowledge & Curriculum 2. Assessment for Learning
3. Creating an Inclusive School4. Gender, School & Society
5. Open & Distance Education6. Guidance & Counselling
7. Information & Communication Technology

Other Subjects:

1. Pedagogy of Science2. Pedagogy of Social Science
3. Mathematics Pedagogy4. English Pedagogy

Best B.Ed Books

Textbooks not only help you have a deep knowledge of the subject but also are very helpful for making notes during the main examination. But, you have to choose them very wisely.

If you don’t have any prior knowledge of the subject, then we suggest starting from the books that are written in a beginner-friendly manner. 

Usually, books that are written in easy to understand manner are best if you are studying the subject for the first time. 

Taking these points into consideration & also after collecting reviews of hundreds of students, we have come across a list of some of the best B.Ed books.

You can either buy these books from your nearest store or from online shopping platforms like Amazon & Flipkart. You can view prices / buy any of these books online by clicking the Buy Now link after each book. 





Childhood & Growing Up by S.K. Mangal & Shubhra Mangal

Childhood & Growing Up by S.K. Mangal & Shubhra Mangal


Contemporary India & Education by Dr. Birbal Saha

Contemporary India & Education by Dr. Birbal Saha


Contemporary India & Education by M.S. Sachdeva: B.Ed Books

Contemporary India & Education by M.S. Sachdeva


Learning & Teaching by Dr. S.C. Oberoi

Learning & Teaching by Dr. S.C. Oberoi


Language across the Curriculum by Dr. Vijay Kumar Sharma: B.Ed Books

Language across the Curriculum by Dr. Vijay Kumar Sharma


Creating an Inclusive School by S.K. Mangal & Shubhra Mangal

Creating an Inclusive School by S.K. Mangal & Shubhra Mangal


Gender School & Society by Rajesh Makol & Lalita Makol

Gender School & Society by Rajesh Makol & Lalita Makol


Assessment for Learning by S.K. Mangal & Shubhra Mangal

Assessment for Learning by S.K. Mangal & Shubhra Mangal


B.Ed Books & Notes: Free Download PDF

For students who are looking for free to download B.Ed books & notes in pdf format, we are here with easy to follow guide on how you can download BEd books pdf for free.

We have linked books/notes provided by IGNOU which is World’s largest university (by enrollment) in the below pdf files. All you have to do is to click the Download link & download the notes/books from their website.

Use the below links to download free books/notes in pdf format:

SubjectLinks to Download
Childhood & Growing UpDownload
Contemporary India & EducationDownload
Learning & TeachingDownload
Language across the curriculumDownload
Understanding Disciplines & SubjectsDownload
Knowledge & CurriculumDownload
Assessment for LearningDownload
Creating an Inclusive SchoolDownload
Gender School & SocietyDownload
Open & Distance EducationDownload
Guidance & CounsellingDownload
Information & Communication TechnologyDownload
Pedagogy of ScienceDownload
Pedagogy of Social ScienceDownload
Mathematics PedagogyDownload
Pedagogy of EnglishDownload

I can’t download B.Ed Books. What should I do?

To download the B.Ed books, you have to first use any of the above share buttons & share this post either on Facebook or Twitter.

If you have shared the notes & still are not able to download the notes, then:

  • Your internet connection might be slow. Change it to a better one.
  • You might be using a browser that is not compatible. Use Chrome/Firefox/Edge or Safari. Don’t use browsers like UC Browser, Opera, etc.
  • If you are using a VPN, then switch back to a normal connection & try again.

If still after doing all these things, you can’t download these notes, simply email us at [email protected] or Whatsapp Us at +91 8979171604 (for fast response). Please do not call us!


1. What is the full form of B.Ed?

B.Ed stands for Bachelors of Education

2. What are the subjects in B.Ed?

In B.Ed 1st year, you will have the following subjects: Childhood & Growing Up, Contemporary India & Education, Learning & Teaching, Language across the Curriculum, Understanding Disciplines & Subjects. 

The second-year syllabus comprises: Knowledge & Curriculum, Assessment for Learning, Creating an Inclusive School, Gender, School & Society.

3. How many semesters are there in B.Ed Course?

Bachelors of Education is a 2-year long degree course. Each year comprises 2 semesters. Thus, total semesters = 4.

4. Can I do B.Ed after 12th?

Yes, you can do integrated B.Ed (4-year duration).

Final Words!

In this post, we have shared a complete guide on the best books for B.Ed students. Additionally, we have also shared download links to B.Ed books & notes in pdf format.

If you are not able to download these books, simply leave a comment & we will try our best to help you asap. 

You can appreciate our efforts by sharing this post with your friends on Whatsapp & Facebook.

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