BSc IT Books 2024: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Year (Free Download PDF)

If you are a BSc IT student, you probably believe that you don’t need books to study. Well, that isn’t the case at all. 

The role of books in understanding in-depth concepts is crucial & we recommend you to study IT concepts with the help of books for better understandings.

To help you out, we are here with free to download BSc IT books for 1st, 2nd & 3rd-year students pursuing a BSc degree in Information Technology.

Here’s a brief overview of what will be covered in this post:

  • The complete syllabus of IT for BSc 1st, 2nd & 3rd year,
  • Some of the recommended textbooks that you can buy online, &
  • A step-by-step guide to downloading BSc IT books for free in pdf.

You can use the below “Table of Contents” to navigate directly to your preferred section.

BSc IT Course Overview

The Bachelor of Science in IT (Information Technology) course is an undergraduate course that provides a sound foundation in information technology. 

It is intended to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed to pursue professional careers in a range of IT-related fields. 

The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of computer science and has a broad scope and covers a wide range of topics such as programming, databases, networks, web servers, and information security. 

BSc in IT course also provides a foundation for further study in other areas such as computer architecture and computer networking.

Duration of Course: 3 years

Eligibility: 10+2 with Science stream

BSc IT Books

BSc in IT comprises theoretical & programming concepts. Having a comprehensive book that contains all the concepts in one place is the best way to study Information Technology.

In the below sections, we have shared the complete syllabus & the best books of BSc IT for 1st, 2nd & 3rd years. Additionally, at the end of each section – you will find a link to download BSc IT books for free in pdf. 

BSc 1st Year IT Books

In the syllabus of Information Technology for BSc 1st year, you are most likely to be introduced to basic concepts of Computers & Information Technology. 

Along with that, you will also learn your very first programming language, i.e. C programming & use of data structures to work more efficiently. 

Further, you will also learn some theoretical concepts including Digital Electronics, Operating Systems, Web Technology & Applications.


Semester ISemester II
1. Computer Fundamentals & IT1. Operating System
2. Programming in C2. Data Structures using C
3. Digital Electronics3. Web Technology & Applications

Recommended Textbooks:

  1. Foundation of IT – by D.S. Yadav
  2. Let Us C – by Yashwant Kanetkar
  3. Digital Logic & Computer Design – by M Morris Mano
  4. Expert Data Structures with C – by R.B. Patel

Download BSc 1st Year IT Books →

BSc 2nd Year IT Books

In the second year of BSc IT, you will get to know about Object-Oriented Programming & how you can use it by making classes & objects. 

The object-oriented programming language is most likely to start with C++ & then you will also use it while learning JAVA in Semester IV. 

Not only this but you will also learn Database management & other theoretical concepts in the syllabus of BSc 2nd year.


Semester IIISemester IV
1. OOPs with C++1. JAVA
2. Computer Networks2. Software Engineering
3. System Analysis & Design3. DBMS

Recommended Textbooks:

  1. OOP with C++ – by E. Balaguruswamy
  2. Computer Network and Distributed Processing – by Martin J.
  3. Modern System Analysis & Design – by Addison Wesley
  4. JAVA – by E. Balaguruswamy
  5. Software Eng. a Practitioner’s Approach – by Pressman, Roger S.

Download BSc 2nd Year IT Books →

BSc 3rd Year IT Books

Last but not the least, in the final year – you will only study the Vth semester in College while Semester VI consists of Project work that you will have to do on your own.

The best thing about the syllabus for BSc 3rd year is that you will learn the Python programming language which is one of the best programming languages at present.


Semester VSemester VI
1. Python Programming1. Project Work
2. Wireless Computing
3. Cryptography / Network Security

Recommended Textbooks:

  1. Learning To Program With Python – by Richard L. Halterman
  2. Wireless Information Networks – by Kaveh Pahlavan
  3. Cryptography & Network Security: Principles & Practice – by William Stallings

Download BSc 3rd Year IT Books →

BSc IT Books Download PDF

Till now, we have seen the syllabus of all the 3 years & also shared some of the recommended textbooks that you can buy online.

Let us now have a look at how you can download BSc IT books for free in pdf. 

In order to download BSc IT books, all you have to do is to click the below link & you are good to go!

Step-by-step Guide to Download BSc IT Books

If you are not able to download BSc IT books for any reason, follow this step-by-step guide:

#1. Click on the above link & you will be redirected to a document as shown below.

image 5

#2. Next, you have to click on these links & you will be redirected to eGyankosh website as shown below.

image 4

#3. Next, you have to click any Unit of your choice & a link to download a pdf file will open in front of you. 

image 3

#4. Next click on the View/Open button and the pdf file will load.

This is all about the simple 4 step process of downloading BSc IT Books for free in pdf.


BSc in IT (Information Technology) is one of the most exciting Bachelor’s degrees because of its course structure. The course introduces you to a world of programming that can help you land several jobs in IT companies.

In this blog post, we have tried our best to provide free to download BSc IT books in pdf format. We hope you will be able to download the books using the step-by-step guide.

Leave a comment below this post to let us know if you face any problems in downloading the BSc IT books. Also, do share it with your friends & help us reach more!

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