Hund’s Rule of Maximum multiplicity

WHEN more then one orbital of equal energies are available the electrons will first occupy these orbitals singly with parallel spins. The pairing of electrons will then take place. Every orbital in a subshell is singly occupied with one electron before any orbital is doubly occupied and all electron is singly occupied have the same … Read moreHund’s Rule of Maximum multiplicity

Pauli’s Exclusion Principle

Hey guys!  How’re all..I hope well. Today I wanna discuss an important topic named Pauli’s Exclusion Principle. PAULI EXCLUSION PRINCIPLE: The electrons in an atom are distributed in a definite way among various shells & subshells.This distribution is governed by a principle given by Pauli in 1925, known as Pauli’s Exclusion Principle.It is the quantum mechanical … Read morePauli’s Exclusion Principle

Explain Aufbau Principle??

Guys I hope you like my previous Post i.e. SCHRODINGER WAVE EQUATION& today I am going to discuss another important topic Aufbau Principle. Without wasting your time let us start…  AUFBAU PRINCIPLE(Building up principle or Aufbau rule) It states that in the ground state of atom or ion electrons fill atomic orbital of the lowest available … Read moreExplain Aufbau Principle??

Heisenberg Uncertainty Relation

We know that according to de-Broglie relationship a microscopic particle such as an electron has both wave and particle characters. Heisenberg a German physicist pointed out that we can never measure simultaneously the exact position and the momentum of the microscopic particles which are small as electrons,.this is known as the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.i.e.   … Read moreHeisenberg Uncertainty Relation

Werners Coordination Theory and it’s Limitations

Werners Coordination Theory and it's Limitations

In this topic, we are going to discuss Werners coordination theory & its limitations. The limitations of Werner’s theory are explained at the end of this article. 1. Postulates of Werners Coordination theory: According to Werner’s coordination theory, the central metal atom present in the complex can exhibit two type of valencies which are given below: … Read moreWerners Coordination Theory and it’s Limitations

Learn complete Periodic Table Blockwise(using Hindi Rhymes)

When the elements are arranged in order of their increasing atomic number, it is observed that elements of similar properties recur at regular intervals or periodically. This arrangement of elements is represented by table known as the periodic table. Today we will learn complete periodic table in Hindi blockwise.   Here are some tricks which will … Read moreLearn complete Periodic Table Blockwise(using Hindi Rhymes)