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How to learn Periodic Table Easily in Hindi? [EASY TRICKS]

How to learn Periodic Table Easily in Hindi?

The periodic table is the ultimate guide to the world around us. It’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing because the elements have so many uses, but it’s also a curse because it’s really hard to remember everything.

Using rhymes might not be the most popular method of memorizing the periodic table, but it’s a pretty good one. This blog looks at how to remember the elements of the periodic table using Hindi rhymes.

In this post, we have covered all the blocks of the periodic table – so as to make it a valuable guide for students of all age groups.

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What is a Periodic Table?

The periodic table is a table that is used to organize the chemical elements in order of their increasing atomic number.

This includes the chemical elements in their various types of isotopes that are available in nature. This table is the backbone for learning about chemistry and the chemical elements.

The below image shows what a Periodic Table looks like:

How to learn periodic table easily in Hindi
Image Source: Pixabay

While it may be hard to remember all the elements, it is possible to learn how to remember all the elements of the periodic table using rhymes.

Periodic Table Hindi Rhymes

We have all been told that rhyming is one of the best ways to learn things.

In order to help you learn about the periodic table of elements, we have created a list of Hindi rhymes for you to use. We hope that this will help you to remember the periodic table of elements.

01. S-Block Elements

First Group { H to Fr } H, Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr Tricks:

  • Hamari(H)  Lina(Li ,Na)   ki(K) Rab(Rb)  se(Cs)  Fariyaad(Fr)
  • Hamari(H)  Lina(Li, Na)  kabr(K, Rb)  se(Cs)  Farar(Fr)
  • Hae(H)  Lela(Li)  Ne(Na)  kesi(K) Roti(Rb)  Cbsi(Cs)  Fry(Fr)

Second Group { Be to Ra} Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra Tricks:

  • Beta(Be) Mange(Mg) Car(Ca) Scooter (Sr) Baap(Ba) Roe(Ra)
  • Beta(Be)  Mange(Mg)  Kanya(Ca) Sunder(Sr)  Baap(Ba)   Raaji(Ra)

02. P-Block Elements

Group 13 {B to Tl}  B, Al, Ga, In, Tl Tricks:

  • BeAl( B, Al)  Gai(Ga)  in(In)  tabela(Tl)
  • Bring (B) Aloo(Al)  gajar(Ga) in(In)  thali(Tl)
  • Ball( B, Al)  Gangadhar(Ga)  in(In)  thiland(Tl)

Group 14 { C to P } C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb Tricks:

  • kashi(C, Si)  Gae(Ge)  Sunn(Sn) Pade(Pb)
  • Chale(C)  Shiv(Si)  Gi(Ge)  Sang(Sn)  Parbati(Pb)
  • karan(C)  Sita(Si)  Gae(Ge)  Samundar(Sn)  Par(Pb)

Group 15 { N to Bi } N, P, As, Sb, Bi Tricks:

  • Nikhil (N)  paas(P ,As)  sab(Sb)   Bindaas(Bi)
  • Nepal(N)  Pakistan(P) Australia(As)  sab(Sb)   Bhikari(Bi)
  • Nana(N) patekar(P) Aishwarya (As) sab(Sb) Bimaar(Bi)

Group 16 {O to Po} O, S, Se, Te, Po   Tricks:

  • Or(O) shi(S) se(Se) tepo(Te ,Po)
  • Old(O)  style(S)  se(Se)   tepo(Te ,Po)
  • Oss(O ,S) se(Se) tepo(Te ,Po)

Group 17{ F to At } F, Cl, Br, I, At Tricks:

  • Fast(F) chale(Cl) brain(Br) indians(I) ka alltime(At)
  • First(F) class(Cl) brothers(Br) in(I) atomic(At) university
  • Fulo(F) me kaliyo(Cl) me bharoo(Br) me ayi(I) aunty(At)

Group 18{ He to Rn } He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, Rn Tricks:

  • Hema(He)  ne(Ne)  angoor(Ar) khareede(Kr)  Xenon (Xe)  roone(Rn) lge
  • Heena(He)  Neena(Ne)  aur(Ar) katreena(Kr) ke X-RAY(Xe)  rangeen(Rn)
  • Heena(He)  Neena(Ne)  aur(Ar) katreena(Kr)  sexy(Xe)  rehna(Rn)

03. D-Block Elements

First transition series { Sc to Zn } Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn Tricks:

  • Science(Sc)  teacher(Ti)  very(V) cruel(Cr)  mange(Mn)  Fair(Fe) copy(Co)  Nickil(Ni)  copper(Cu)  Zinc(Zn)
  • Sachin(Sc)  Tendulkar(Ti)  very(V) crazy(Cr)  man(Mn)   Feco(Fe ,Co)  Nai(Ni)  cuzn(Cu ,Zn)
  • Still(Sc)  trying(Ti)  various(V) creative(Cr)  method(Mn)  For(Fe) controling(Co)  Naughty(Ni)  children(Cu)  Zinc(Zn)

Second transition series {Y to Cd} Y, Zr, Nb, Mo, Tc, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Cd Tricks:

  • ye(Y) zara(Zr) nai(Nb) modern(Mo) technology(Tc) ruk(Ru) rahi(Rh) par(Pd) aaghe(Ag)….Cdma(Cd)
  • ye(Y)  zebra(Zr)  niid(Nb) mein(Mo)  tha(Tc)  ruka(Ru) rood(Rh)  par(Pd)  aaghe(Ag) cobra(Cd)
  • ye(Y)  zarrori(Zr)  nahi(Nb) mohbbat(Mo)  teri(Tc)  rulati(Ru) rahe(Rh)  pandit(Pd)  agar(Ag) kehde(Cd)

Third transition series { La to Hg } La ,Hf ,Ta ,W ,Re ,Os ,Ir ,Pt ,Au ,Hg Tricks:

  • La(La)  Hafta(Hf ,Ta)  wo(W) ree(Re)  Oss(Os)  idhar(Ir)  phata(Pt) Udhar(Au)  hta(Hg)
  • La(La)  Hafta(Hf ,Ta)  warna(W) ree(Re)  Odhar(Os)  idhar(Ir)  pitaai(Pt) aur(Au)  hogi(Hg)

Fourth transition series {Ac to Rg} Ac ,Rf ,Db ,Sg ,Bh ,Hs ,Mt ,Ds ,Rg Tricks:

  • Akele(Ac)  RD(Rf ,Db) Sharma(Sg)  ki Book(Bh) mein Hai(Hs)  maths(Mt) ke  difficult(Ds) rare(Rg)  sawal.

03. F-Block Elements

Lanthanoids {Ce to Lu} Ce, Pr, Nd, Pm, Sm, Eu ,Gd, Tb ,Dy, Ho, Er ,Tm, Yb, Lu Tricks:

  • cene(Ce)  par(Pr)  nadiyaan(Nd) prem(Pm)  ki samayeen(Sm) eu(Eu) gd-gd(Gd)  tabdeel(Tb ,Dy)  hua(Ho) aasman yaar(Er)  tum(Tm) yuhi(Yb) lajwaab(Lu) ho.
  • sita(Ce)  prassad(Pr)  nadi(Nd) prem(Pm)  se(Sm) usme(Eu) gyi(Gd)  tab(Tb) dhyaan(Dy)  hua(Ho) are(Er)  tum(Tm) yar(Yb) lutere(Lu) ho.

Actinoids {Th to Lr } Th ,Pa ,U ,Np ,Pu ,Am ,Cm ,Bk ,Cf ,Es ,Fm ,Md ,No ,Lr Tricks:

  • thode(Th) pahalwaan(Pa) Eu(U) niptenge(Np) purane(Pu) aam(Am) kam(Cm) bikenge(Bk) California(Cf) mein Einstein(Es) famous(Fm) mare(Md) nabaad(No) Lara(Lr).
  • tange(Th) par(Pa) unpar(U) nazar(Np) padi(Pu) aasmaan(Am) chamka(Cm) bijli(Bk) Chamki(Cf) ehsaan(Es) framosh(Fm ,Md) nikli(No) Larki(Lr).

If you’ve more such rhymes or any other queries or suggestions to improve please write to us in the comment section.😊

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