BSc 1st Year Important Questions in Physics: Free Download [PDF]

Are you searching for BSc 1st year important questions in Physics? Well, you are in the right place.

In this post, we are here with some of the most important questions of Physics for BSc 1st year students.

If you are new to our website, I suggest checking out our recent post on physics notes for BSc.

The question banks provided in this post are according to the UGC syllabus & work best for students of most Indian universities.

Please note that the syllabus of BSc Physics may vary from university to university. In this case, you can simply do questions as per the physics syllabus of your university.

If your syllabus matches the questions provided in our question bank, then that’s great. You have to solve all the questions with the help of your textbook.

But what if your syllabus does not match our question bank?

In such a condition, nothing can be done. However, you can write your requirements (with the University name & subject) in the comment section.

Note: We have created these question banks with the help of the previous year’s papers & important topics from the syllabus. The questions asked in your exam may be different from the questions available on our website. However, you can solve these questions for better practice & also to understand the exam patterns.

Our main focus is on Important questions that are repeatedly asked in the previous year’s examinations. These papers are designed on the basis of the latest syllabus.

BSc 1st Year Physics Syllabus

Physics is a branch of science that deals with the study of matter, energy, light, and their interactions.

It also includes the study of the laws and interactions of the universe that are described by three fundamental interactions: the strong interaction, the weak interaction, and gravity.

The syllabus of Physics for BSc 1s year is divided into two semesters:

  • The first semester consists of books like Mechanics, Electricity & Theory of Oscillations.
  • In the second semester, General Properties of Matter, Magnetism & Acoustics are the three main books.

You can click here to view the syllabus of BSc Physics in detail & also download BSc 1st year physics books in pdf format from here.

BSc 1st Year Important Questions in Physics

BSc 1st Year Important Questions in Physics Download PDF

In this section, you will find download links to BSc 1st year important questions in physics.

The important questions in each of the three parts ( i.e. Mechanics, Electricity & Theory of Oscillations) are given below in pdf format.

For downloading these PDFs you have to unlock the download links below by sharing this post. After successful sharing by unlocking the button, you will get access to the download link.

After a successful sharing, you will get access to the download link. Question banks are given below :

Book NameDownload Links
1.    MechanicsDownload Here
2.    ElectricityDownload Here
3.    Theory of OscillationsDownload Here

Note: If you are unable to view these pdf after downloading, please rename them.

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In this post, we have provided download links to BSc 1st year important questions in physics. I hope you will be able to download these questions without encountering any issues.

Only downloading these questions won’t help you score better. You have to solve these questions in order to get good marks. I hope you’ll solve these questions & score well in your exams.

If you face any problems or other issues during downloading please write to us in the comments section. You can appreciate our efforts by sharing this post with your friends.

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