5 Best Mobile Apps for Budgeting and Handling Money

Best Mobile Apps for Budgeting and Handling Money

With all the credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and some cash on top of that, it gets reasonably hard to keep track of how much money you have in your pocket.

Luckily for us, technology is here to save the day yet again. So, without too much introduction let us dive into the 5 best mobile apps for budgeting and handling money in 2020!

5 Best Mobile Apps for Budgeting

Here is the complete list:

1. Image to Word Converter

There is no better way to convert images of your receipts or any other financial documents to editable MS Word files directly on your device than to use this app.

Simply take a photo of any document or just screenshot it if it’s in digital form and let the app do its magic. In no time your documents will be ready for editing, isn’t that amazing?

The app is using top of a line OCR engine, so great text recognition and high-quality conversions are guaranteed.

Cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, and more are also supported by this app. Thus, you will be able to upload and convert images directly from the app. it is one of the best mobile apps for budgeting and handling money.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android

2. ATM Near Me

ATM Near Me is a great app that is connected to your Google Maps so every time you are connected to the internet the app is synchronized.

That way any time you need an ATM, just open the app and find all your bank’s ATMs that are near you! The app has a very simple and beautiful interface and even supports augmented reality and Rada View technologies.

By using the app you can get directions to the desired ATM, see exactly how far ATM is from you, find which ATM and branches banks have nearby, etc.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS

3. Mint

Mint was developed by Intuit, a company that stands behind QuickBooks and it represents an all-in-one app from which you can manage your money. You can track your spending, create
budgets, basically become smart about your money.

You can easily access all credit cards, bank accounts, and monthly bills from one convenient place.

The app will inform you when your bills are due, how much you owe, and based on the available funds, what you can afford to purchase.

It will track your habits and give you useful information on how to save more money and lower your spending.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android

4. GoodBudget

GoodBudget is a perfect app for sharing a budget with family members, spouse, friends, or anyone else. The app is based on the good old envelope method, but with no physical envelopes, just virtual ones.

You will be able to put money into different envelopes and track their balances which will help you live within your means.

All transactions are easily synced to the cloud and accessible on multiple devices and from their web app as well. There is even an option to schedule transactions and automatic envelope fills.

In the free version, you get 10 regular and 10 annual envelopes.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android

5. Wally

Wally is one of the best apps that will help you track your expenses. Instead of manually logging your expenses every day, week or month, simply take the photo of the receipt and the app will
do the rest.

If you enable geolocation on your device, Wally will even fill in that info instead of you.

The app is extremely easy to use and it’s ads-free. Wally is perfect for people who would like to have more insights into where their money is going without the need to manually add their expenses.

Price: Free
Available on: iOS and Android


Technology is here to help and you should take the chance and use it to better understand your finances and improve your money management skills.

We hope that these apps will help you with your finances and if we forgot to mention the apps you use frequently, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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