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de-Broglie Model of Atom & Bohr’s Quantum Condition


In my last post I’ve told you about Atomic Energy Levels. Today I’m going to explain de-Broglie Model of atom. 


In 1924, Louis-de-Broglie put forward a surprising suggestion that matter like light also had dual character.i.e.

“every matter has a wave associated with it.”

He suggested that an electron of mass m moving with velocity v has a wavelength λ  ,


Based on this hypothesis, de-Broglie, suggested a model of atom in which energy levels & orbits of Bohr model were retained but the electron in various orbits behaved as a matter wave of wavelength :


The path of the electron can be satisfy only if the length of the orbit i.e. circumference (2πr)  is an integral of de-Broglie wavelength λ .

If it is not so, the electron waves will be out of phase with itself which will continuously change and as a result the stationary orbit will not be possible.

This is Bohr’s quantum Condition, i.e.

“the electron will rotate only in those orbits whose angular momentum is integral multiple of h/2π”

The most important part which I think in de-Broglie model is that single line “every matter has wave associated with it”.
I hope you understand this topic,.. Still any query please write to us in comment section. In my next tutorial I’ll discuss about Excitation & Ionisation of Atoms & Molecules. Stay tuned!
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