About Us

Who we are?

Fullonstudy is an educational blog started by Harish Joshi in 2016 aiming to provide study material for university students. It’s been more than 2 years since he is continuously working on providing free & premium study material to college students.

Along with this, he also shares blog posts on Study Tips & Tricks, Online Courses, Student Finance & other student savvy tips.

If we look at the category of study material, we are currently working on undergraduate study material. As soon as we finish providing it, we’ll start working on our postgraduate section.

We’re also trying to help students being financially free by providing articles on Student Finance.

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About Harish Joshi

Harish is the man behind Fullonstudy. He started Fullonstudy late before in 2016 when he is pursuing his undergraduates. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Computer Science from G.B. Pant. University of Agriculture & Technology, Pantnagar.

He posts everything he had learned while being in his school & College Life in the form of Blog Posts at Fullonstudy.

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Visit his digital portfolio here: https://harishjoshi.com

How He Provide Study Material?

You might be wondering, He’s currently in his postgraduates, then how can he provide study material for different UG & PG Courses??

Well, the answer is simple. Students like you help us to provide their notes & other study material. You can also send us your notes & other study material at [email protected].



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