Michelson Morley Experiment & Null Result

In this article we are going to discuss the Michelson Morley Experiment & the null results obtained by the experiment. We study the basis of experiment and its results. Basically this experiment is conducted in order to explain weather ether is present or not. Using his theory of electromagnetism, Maxwell firmly established that light is an electromagnetic … Read moreMichelson Morley Experiment & Null Result

Reference frame & Principle of relativity

reference frame and principle of relativity

In this post, we are going to discuss reference frame and principle of relativity. The principle of relativity was given by Albert Einstein in 1915. A reference frame is a space in which we are making observations and measuring physical quantities. There are two type of reference frames: the inertial reference frame and the noninertial … Read moreReference frame & Principle of relativity