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Work done in Isothermal Process

Work done in Isothermal Process: Consider a 1gm mole of an ideal gas enclosed in a cylinder with perfectly conducting walls and fitted with a perfectly frictionless and conducting piston.

Mathematical Expression (Work done in Isothermal Process)

If A is the area of cross section of the piston, then force exerted by the gas on the piston is :
                                                                       F = P.A
If the piston displaced outward through small displacement dx, then the small amount of work done:
                                                                    dW = F.dx
                                                         or       dW = P.(A.dx)
                                                         or       dW = P.dV

Therefore, the total work done by the gas in expansion from V1 to V2 is given by :

Work done in Isothermal Process

& total amount of heat absorbed can be calculated as:

Work done in Isothermal Process

Q = amount of heat absorbed (calories).

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