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Work done during an Adiabatic Process

Today we’re going to find work done during an adiabatic process. For this, Let us consider one gm. a mole of perfect gas enclosed in a cylinder having perfectly insulated walls.

Mathematical expression (Work Done during Adiabatic Process)

Let it expands adiabatically from an initial volume V1 to a final volume V2. Then work done by the gas during the expansion is given by :

     Work done during an Adiabatic Process
where P is the instantaneous pressure of the gas while suffering infinitesimal expansion dV.
Now during an adiabatic process:

Work done during an Adiabatic Process


Hence, work done in the adiabatic process depends only upon initial & final temperature T1 & T2. Thus the work done along any adiabatic between two isothermal is independent of particular adiabatic.
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