What is Success? -by Shiv Khera

What is Success? There is no one definition of success. Achieving success is subjective, so it will always be something different for everyone.

But the definitions that exist are not necessarily false. Most people know what success is, even if they don’t really understand it. This blog will describe success and some of the common definitions.

The answer which I’m going to share is not mine. I am using the definition from the book ‘You Can Win‘ by Shiv Khera.

Here’s what you’ll get to know:

  • What makes a person successful?
  • How do we recognize success?
  • What are the manifestations of success?
  • How do we know we have arrived?
What is Success?

What is Success?

To some people, it might mean wealth. To others, it may be recognition, good health, a good family, happiness, satisfaction, or peace of mind.

What this really tells us is that success is subjective. it means different things to different people. The definition that I feel best to summarize “success” is :

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.

Earl Nightingale

The above definition is given by Earl Nightingale. 

Let’s look at the above definition carefully.


Progressive means that it is a journey, not a destination. It’s an ongoing process. We never arrive.

After we reach one goal, we go on to the next and the next, and so on.


Realization means it is an experience. Outside forces cannot make me feel successful.

I have to feel it within myself. It is internal, not external. That is why what often appears successful externally may be total hollowness internally.

No wonder we hear of some celebrities and billionaires taking drugs and committing suicide because they feel emptiness internally.


Worthiness determines the quality of our journey. Can people have unworthy goals in their lives? The answer is, Yes! What makes a goal worthy?

It is our value system that determines the quality of our journey.

Whenever did we talk about values, whose values are we talking about, and who are we to judge? We talk about universal values & eternal values.

Universal values mean that they cut across countries, cultures & religions. Eternal means, they were here before we came & they will be hereafter we’re gone.

Worthiness is what gives meaning & fulfillment. Success without fulfillment is empty. That’s like good looks without goodness.

In life, we need substance over form, not form over substance.


Goals are important because they give us a sense of direction. Our destination determines the direction we take.

Success & happiness go hand in hand. Success is getting what you want and happiness is wanting what you get.

Shiv Khera

In this post, I have discussed the definition of success from the book “You can win !” by Shiv Khera. 

What does success mean to you? Comment below!

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