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Reversible and Irreversible Processes (Thermodynamic Processes)

In our today’s topic, we will discuss Thermodynamic processes i.e. Reversible and Irreversible processes. Let us start the main topic with the help of some questions:

1. What is a thermodynamic process?

“Any change which causes the thermodynamic variables of a system to have a new set of values is called a thermodynamic process.”
Whenever work is done by the surroundings or by some external agency or vice versa, a process is said to be occurring.

2. What do you mean by reversible and irreversible processes?

“If a process can be carried out in such a way that the effect produced by it on the system as well as a system can be completely restored to their initial states and no changes are left in any of the system taking part in the process or in the surroundings, then the process is said to be the reversible process.”

If a process does not satisfy these conditions, it is called irreversible.
 Thus “the processes which produce a permanent change in the thermodynamic state of the system and cannot be retraced in the opposite order are known as irreversible processes.”
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