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Physical chemistry notes for B.Sc semester II free Download

A warm welcome to all our readers, today we are going to provide free study material for our B.Sc Semester II students. In this post, we will provide you link to download physical chemistry notes for BSc semester II. These notes are helpful for all the B.Sc semester II students. It contains following chapters :

  •  Chemical Kinetics
  • Thermodynamics I
  • Catalyst & Catalysis

These notes are in chapter wise format which can help students in saving a lot of their time and energy. All the three chapters discussed above are important from exam point of view. The questions are mostly asked in exams from theory section. it is important for students to understand the concept behind every topic. We have made in such a way that they can easily clear your concepts.

How to download Physical Chemistry notes for B.Sc semester II?

The notes for each of the three parts discussed above ( i.e. Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Catalyst, and Catalysis ) is given below in the pdf format.

For downloading these PDFs you have to unlock the download links below by filling your name and email in the below form.

After successful subscription, you will get access to the download link.

Note: If you are unable to view these notes please rename the pdf after downloading.

The chapter-wise PDFs are given below:

Part 1: Chemical Kinetics

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Part 2: Thermodynamics I

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Paper 3: Catalyst & Catalysis

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In this post, we have discussed Physical chemistry notes for B.Sc semester II. Share this post with your friends too. In our next posts, we will discuss more study material of chemistry.

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  1. Fullonstudy Fullonstudy Post author | May 16, 2018

    Sorry for the problem you’ve faced. We have updated the notes without the restriction of sharing. You can now download these notes: here

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