Top-10 Money Earning Apps in India (No Initial Investment)

How can I earn money online using my mobile phone? This is the question that everyone is asking these days.

Making money online is not that hard you just need the right way and time to learn it and start earning.

There are so many money-earning apps out there that we don’t know about until and unless we encounter one ourselves or our friends don’t suggest one.

Believe me, your mobile can become your money-making machine if you stop scrolling your Facebook and Instagram feed and scroll in the right place.

Your smartphone has a lot of potential and with the right knowledgeable partner, it can do great things.

This is why we have bought you this article so that you get to know about all that money-earning apps in India through which others are generating money to buy them a healthy breakfast every day.

But the problem with this list is you might have heard the name of some of these apps and might have heard that they are just a waste of time.

But to be honest all of these apps works and they will work for you as well all you need is some patience and some time to invest in it.

Best Money Earning Apps in India

Here is the complete list of the best money-earning app in India. It consists of 10 apps. All apps are free to download & genuine.

1. Meesho

The first on this list is the Meesho app which is a reselling app.

Many of my friends have already made enough money during the lockdown just by reselling products from Meesho. The process to earn using this app is very simple.

Download this app from the play store, it has a rating of 4.4 stars and it has over 10 million + active installations.

All you need to do is select a product you want to promote to your Facebook and WhatsApp contact and add some merging to it and sell it to your friends and family.

Meesho: #1 Money Earning Apps in India

You will earn a commission on every product you are going to sell and you will also earn extra bonus when you reach a certain sales target.

One other way to earn through this app is by referral program. Refer to your friends and when they start earning you will get some percentage of their sales as additional commission.

P.S. Recently Facebook has invested  $220 million in Meesho which makes it #1 in the list of best money-earning apps in India.

Use Code HARISHJ333 during Signup for a 30% additional margin (OFF) on the First Order!!

2. Angel One

You don’t need to be afraid of trading now. Now you can invest your extra income in buying stocks and mutual funds.

The best thing about this app is that you can open a free account and start investing.

Angel One Broking App

Investing is very easy nowadays, only if you can read the charts and make a prediction of whether the price will go up or down. 

You can buy the stock at a low price and sell it when the price is high.

If you don’t understand any of these and are still interested to invest your money then you can start investing in mutual funds (in the same app) where you will be paying someone who has enough knowledge about trading and he will use your money and trade altogether.

So there is little to no chance of loss in a mutual fund, only the downside is you will have to pay a little fee to mutual funds from your earnings.

Open a free Angel One account & get:

  • Shopping Coupon upto worth ₹ 2000 (can be used in Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc).
  • Brokerage cashback up to ₹500 for 1 month &
  • Free ARQ Premium Advisory.

Use referral code 137178HIH during signup for a free scratch card worth up to Rs. 2000

3. SB Answers

If you have enough spare time and you have nothing to do. Then instead of wasting your precious time on Facebook or Instagram or chatting on WhatsApp, you can use that time to answer survey questions and earn gift cards for free.

SB Answers: #3 Money Earning Apps in India

SB answer App is an online survey site on which you will get many surveys and after completing a survey you will get some points that are known as SB points. 

When you have enough of these SB points you can redeem them in whatever way you want.

It may take some time to collect enough SB points but if you are consistent and work daily you will collect more than enough points in no time.

There are many ways to earn SB points in this app, you can earn SB points by completing the survey you are getting, and you will also get SB points if you tell them about yourself, Daily polls are another great way to earn some SB points daily.

** The above link will redirect you to the sign-up page & just after you signup, the app will start downloading based on your device.

4. AttaPoll

AttaPoll is one of the most trusted & legit survey apps that pay for each survey. What I like most about it is the frequency of the survey.

On a regular day, you’ll get almost 3-4 surveys. As soon as you finish the survey, money is deposited into your wallet.

Attapol: Best Money Earning Apps in India

The surveys are short & easy to complete. It takes around 3-5 minutes to complete a survey. Along with that, you will also get a profiling survey every day for which 0.01 $ will be credited to your account.

The minimum threshold for withdrawing money is $3 via PayPal or Ethereum. You can also donate your money to charitable organizations.

You may not get enough surveys in the beginning but once you have completed enough surveys and they realize that you are genuinely interested then they will send you surveys regularly.

5. Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion reward is an app that is created by the Google survey team to get your opinion on various topics.

Google Opinion Rewards

You won’t be earning cash on this app but instead, you will be earning Google play credit which you can use to purchase apps from the Google play store or make in-game purchases.

If you live in rural areas, then the frequency of getting the survey is very-low. But if you live in urban areas and keep traveling from place to place then you will get many surveys and after completing the survey you will earn credit.

The surveys are very small and won’t take more than a minute to complete. With the name of Google, It is one of the most trusted money-earning apps in India.

6. Gig India

If you want to start learning and earning at the same time then this is the best platform.

GigIndia is an app through which you can start working anytime and anywhere. Just install the app from the play store and register yourself using your phone number.

Gig India

After that, you will have to complete your profile by providing necessary information about you like your name, email, gender, location, and education qualification.

If any active gig is available then you can apply and if you get selected then you will be contacted and you can start your work.

By working here you can build experience to include in your resume and gain some work experience which will be helpful to get a better job in the future.

So register yourself now and start applying for a relevant job position and then you can become financially independent.

7. U Speak We Pay

If you can speak Malayalam, Urdu, Panjabi, Kannada then you are going to be paid only for reading simple sentences.

As the title says that you will be paid for speaking, it’s true. 

U Speak We Pay

After you earn you can request for payment and then you will be paid on your Paytm account the minimum earning required requesting payment is just rs. 25.

Apart from earning by speaking, you can also earn just by referring this app to others. And the best part is for every successful referral you are going to be paid 50 rupees.

So you must be thing how to get started?

Well, that’s very easy; just download this application from the play store and log in using your email account. 

After signing up you will be asked to select the language. English, Hindi, and Telugu language are not available anymore.

The other languages available are Kannada, Malayalam, Urdu, Punjabi, Oriya, and Nepali. Select the language you can speak and then click proceed. 

Then mention your age, gender, education qualification, your district, your phone lumber linked with your Paytm account and you will be registered.

Then speak what comes on the screen and you will be paid for every successful task you perform.

So keep doing tasks and keep earning.

Use referral code – JEDZDE

8. RozDhan 

This list of best money-earning apps in India is incomplete without mentioning this one. You may have tried many apps like this but this app actually pays you money. Not instantly but definitely. 

There are many ways to earn money on this application. Just read the news, play games, and earn money in your wallet.

Rozdhan: Best Money Earning Apps in India

When you log in for the first time you will get 50 rupees as a welcome bonus that you can withdraw after checking in for two consecutive days. 

You can also earn by referring this app to your friends through their referral program. Apart from that, there are lots of easy tasks which you can complete if you want to earn more money like taking surveys or installing apps.

And you can withdraw all your earned money into your Paytm account without any problem.

This is also an entertainment app so you can play inside this app and earn coins which will convert into money and then you will be able to withdraw that money into your wallet.

This is a great app to earn money by doing simple tasks that can be completed in no time but the withdrawal limit keeps changing so keep earning money and when you see that you have enough in your wallet then withdraw it to your Paytm.

Use invitation code 06ZOLY for free 50rs if required.

9. mCent Browser

mCent browser as the name suggests is like a regular browser but also many more than that. 

If you start using this app you will start loving it because of the advanced features it provides. 

mCent Browser

You will be able to pay for recharge for the data plan every month just by using this application, isn’t that amazing?

Simply register and start browsing read the latest news or just search for anything to learn you will see your points growing. You will be able to pay for your recharge directly from the app using your points.

Search on play store for mCent browser and then click install. It will take some time depending on your internet speed to download and install. After it is downloaded and installed on your device click on open to open this browser.

Then select your country code and enter your number then click verify. Solve the captcha to verify that you are not a robot. 

The best feature you are going to get in this app is their Adblocker that stops all the unnecessary annoying ads. 

Another amazing feature is a smart download that will help you to resume the download even if it was interrupted.

You may not like it right away but if you keep using it for a few days then you will start loving this.

So download this app right away and start earning with every search.  

10. Foap – Sell Photos Online

Last but not the least, Foap is among the best money-earning apps in India. If you love photography then this app will help you make money for your photos.

If photography is your hobby then there is no other way to make money than simply selling your photos through the Foap app.

Foap: Earn Money Online Selling Photos

Foap provides you a platform and connects you with brands and interested buyers who are interested to buy your amazing photographs.

Make an attractive portfolio inside this app to attract more potential buyers. 

Withdraw your hard-earned income through PayPal anytime you want.

Use the below links to download this app now and start selling your photographs for quick money.


At last, I will conclude that your smartphone is now much smarter. Instead of wasting your time chatting with friends or scrolling Instagram and Facebook all day, download these applications and start working on them.

Nothing is for free and there is no quick rich app in this list. If you work hard and work honestly not just for the sake of earning money then you are definitely going to see amazing results that will blow your mind.

None of this app on this list is better than the other. It’s all matter of your time dedicated to these apps the longer you work on these apps the better results you will get.

There are no requirements for downloading or using these applications, just a smartphone and some free time is all you need to start earning using your phone right away.

If you face any problem using any of these applications leave your comment below and we will be happy to answer the problems you are facing.

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