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How to master mechanism & synthesis in Organic Chemistry?

When I was in school or college, the only subject I hated most was Organic Chemistry.

Well, this was so because of a large number of synthesis and their mechanisms. I had to cram these reactions so that I could get better marks in the exams.

Later on, I joined a coaching institute where I found some great teachers who helped me understand these reactions and mechanisms easily.

The only problem I had with the coaching institute wait that it was far away from my home. In this way, most of my time got wasted in traveling.

But now the time has changed. With the introduction of Udemy into the digital world, you can get every single course online.

Today, in this post, I am gonna review the best Organic Chemistry course which can help you become an expert in learning mechanisms & synthesis of Organic chemistry.

My question to you is, do you really want to become an expert in Organic Chemistry?

If your answer is yes, Keep reading!

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About Organic Chemistry

According to WikipediaOrganic chemistry is the chemistry subdiscipline for the scientific study of structure, properties, and reactions of organic compounds and organic materials (materials that contain carbon atoms).

We all know the importance of mechanisms and synthesis in Organic Chemistry. As we move from one class to another these reactions become harder.

Organic chemistry: Become a Mechanism & Synthesis Expert

Are you ready to be an expert in your organic chemistry classes? If yes, then this course is for you!

Before providing you the link to the course, let me discuss some basic information about the course:

Who can do this Course?

The simple answer to this question is “anyone”. Anyone who is passionate about learning concepts of organic chemistry can do this course.

Additionally, this course is very useful for students studying organic chemistry in their schools and colleges. This course covers most of the concepts of class XI, XII, and Bachelor degrees.

Requirements for this Course

According to Dr. Jason Dinsmore the instructor of this course, you don’t need any previous knowledge or tools. It means he is willing to teach you from the very beginning.

Well, I recommend you to have a basic knowledge of functional groups, their types, and structures.

What’s included in this Course?

  • In this complete course, Dr. Jason Dinsmore will be your instructor.
  • This course consists of video lectures 01:09:02 hrs long.
  • It contains 3 downloadable recourses.
  • You will be given lifetime access (i.e. you can learn from this course anytime).
  • This course can be accessed via Smartphones, computers & TV.
  • Most importantly, you will be given a certificate from Udemy after completion of the course.


The below table can give you a detailed overview of the curriculum of the complete course:

Section 1: Your Free Gifts

              • Thank You!

Section 2: Introduction

              • Getting Started
              • Top 4 Things in Every Reaction
              • The Key Phrases

Section 3: Functional Groups

              • Alkyl Halides
              • Alkenes
              • Alkynes
              • Carbonyls
              • Carbonyls (Part 2)

Section 4: Example Problems

              • Examples: Part 1
              • Example: Part 2
              • Examples: Part 3

Section 5: Special Topics

              • How to approach Synthesis?
              • Substitution & Elimination [Cheat Sheet]

What will you learn?

Here is a list of all the important concepts you learn after completing this course:

  1. Learn the top 4 things that show up in every organic reaction.
  2. Discover there is really only one reaction mechanism you need to know.
  3. Discover a few reactions that will get you started on most synthesis questions.
  4. Learn 3 key phrases that will dramatically improve your understanding of reaction mechanisms.
  5. Learn 2 key things to keep in mind when working on synthesis questions.
  6. How to break down substitution and elimination into 2 categories?

Enroll Now:

You can enroll in the above course here: Organic Chemistry Course (80% Off)

Up to you!

I have reviewed this complete course based on my personal opinions & information I have gathered from the internet. You can visit the course by clicking on the above link. I hope this course will help you master mechanisms and synthesis in organic chemistry.

If you love this course, make sure to share it with your friends. Check Out some other interesting articles:

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