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How to Make ₹10,000 / Month using Flipkart: Step-by-step Guide

How to make money using Flipkart

Have you ever thought about how you can earn money doing what you regularly do? You might not have thought about it but you can.

Now you must be thinking that Flipkart is a platform where you have to spend money but how can you earn money from Flipkart. That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

It’s not hard at all, the process is so simple that anyone with basic knowledge and a smartphone can earn a fortune using what you already have.

All you need to do is read this article thoroughly before jumping into doing practical work because you may go wrong and make a mistake that I don’t want you to go through. 

Here’s what we will cover in this article:

  • A little about Flipkart & is it safe?
  • Step-by-step guide to make money on Flipkart
  • And how to increase your earnings.

So let’s get into details on how to make money using Flipkart – just follow through and do as instructed. (You can also use the below Table of Contents for better navigation)

About Flipkart & Is it safe? 

By the time you are reading this article, you must have bought something from Flipkart for yourself or someone in your family. 

And if you do regular purchases from Flipkart then you know Flipkart as a money spending platform, not as a money earning platform. But in this article, you will get to know that you can earn money from Flipkart too. 

flipkart logo

But please note that this is not a quick-rich scheme. You will have to do some work to earn a stable income. Just like any other income source you will face difficulty in the beginning. But if you can go through this hard time you are sure to have an awesome regular source of stable income at the end.

Flipkart is no doubt one of the most loved e-commerce giants that offer its customers a wide range of products to choose from and also gives lots of discounts and offers.

Flipkart is a reputed company and it is safe to say that this company is 100% legit and they won’t rob you in any way.

If you believe in Flipkart too then let’s get to know how you can make money using Flipkart without investing a lot of money into this.

How can you make money with Flipkart?

There are many ways in which you can make money using Flipkart but in this article, we are going to know in-depth about the method that works best nowadays.

The best way by which you can make money is by doing what you do regularly, that is by making purchases for yourself or on your friend’s behalf.

I know you must be surprised and think that this is a scam but it’s true.

There is an app that gives you a commission on every purchase you make and the name of that app is Shopsy.

Shopsy is an app that is launched by Flipkart to help individuals make money using Flipkart. This platform helps Indians to start their own business from their house without making any investment.

This app is best for those who can influence people on their local network. To earn money from Shopsy, users need to share products that their potential customers might need.

You need to make a purchase for yourself or on your customer’s behalf and in return, you will earn commission from it.

This was in short on how you can make money from Flipkart using Shopsy now let’s get into details on how you can get your business started.

Step-by-step Guide to Making Money with Shopsy

If you want to make money on Shopsy then there are a few basic requirements that you need to fulfill to get started.

The first thing you will need is a smartphone with the internet. Well, it’s very obvious that you need a smartphone to access the Shopsy app and this is something that every reader will have.

But if you don’t have a smartphone and surf Flipkart through your PC then this might be a little difficult for you.

The next thing you need is a network of people to whom you can promote products and if they are interested in that product you will have to purchase on behalf of them.

You can still earn commissions for your own purchases – if you don’t have a network of people. So, no need to worry if you are just getting started.

If you fulfill these basic requirements you are good to go into the process of getting started.

Step 1: Install the App

First of all, you need to install the Shopsy app. This app is available for download from the play store for absolutely free. 

You can simply click on the below link to download the genuine app available on the Play Store.

Step 2: Create Your Account

After installing this app open it and then it will ask you to sign in using your mobile number. 

Fill in your phone number and click continue to proceed. It will then ask for an OTP that you need to fill and then click verify. You can follow the below screenshots for better understandings.

  • Create Shopsy Account
  • Verify Shopsy OTP

Step 3: Know the Interface

From the list of products on your homepage choose a product that you think your potential customer might need. 

Suggest to them the product you think they need from Shopsy and if they are interested to buy this product you will have to purchase on their behalf. 

The homepage of this app will look a lot like Flipkart and the interface is very easy to use and most of it is self-explanatory.

Please note that if you refer to them a product and they buy it themselves then you won’t earn any commission, so you have to make sure that purchase is made by you on their behalf.

  • Shopsy Interface
  • Shopsy Product Categories

Step 4: Share with Your Contacts

After choosing a product that you want to promote, share it with your contact, and to do so click on the share button at the bottom of the screen.

It will take you to a new page where you will have to choose pictures of that product you want to show to your customer. 

You can either select a single image or multiple images, you will have to select at least one image to continue. In addition to that, you can modify the description, a default description will already be available for every product, you have to choose whether to share that description as it is or you can modify the description as you like.

After selecting an image and making necessary changes click on send to WhatsApp to share the product with your contacts.

As you can see in the below image – if you buy the laptop for yourself click on Add to Cart & If you are purchasing for your friend, then you can share image & description with your friend & then if they are interested, come back & click Add to Cart to place the order.

  • Shopsy Product Page
  • shopsy whatsapp sharing

P.S. Gadgets & Electronic devices do offer good commission while some products don’t offer any commission but you can add your margin if you are buying for someone else.

Step 5: Make a Purchase

If that person is interested in that product you will have to add that product to your cart by clicking on the add to cart button that is beside the share button.

Go back to the homepage and you will find that product added to your cart. You can look into the final price your customer will be charged and also, your earnings on that item. You can also save that item for later purchase or remove that item from the list.

Step 6: Fill Your / Customer Details

Click on place order to add a customer or you can also select from the list if you have already added any person’s address.

If you want to add a new customer to whom you want that product to be delivered click on Add Customer and fill in the necessary details like their name, phone number, pin code, and their complete address, and then click save the address.

  • shopsy place order
  • shopsy add delivery address
  • shopsy customer details

Step 7: Choose Payment Method

If you wish to continue with the selected address then click on continue, now you will be asked to select a payment method. You have the option to pay yourself or you can select cash on delivery.

If you choose cash on delivery, you will have to pay Rs. 30 advance and the rest of the amount at the time of delivery.

Step 8: Share Tracking Details 

After placing the order for your contact you will be provided with a tracking ID that you can share with your customer so that they can track the status of that product. Usually, the delivery is made within 7 working days by Flipkart.

Step 9: Get Paid from Shopsy

In the above steps, we have seen how you can earn commissions by purchasing Flipkart products using Shopsy. Now if you have made more than ₹ 100 on Shopsy, you can place a withdrawal request by adding your bank account details.

In order to add your account details, you have to click on Account >> My Bank Account >> Add Account Details.

  • shopsy add account details
  • shopsy account details

How to increase your Shopsy Earnings? 

This is the very first question that has crossed your mind after knowing that you can earn money promoting Flipkart products to others.

Well, the process is not rocket science that you will have a problem understanding. If you go through the process mentioned below carefully you will understand very well how you can promote any product to your customers.

First of all, you need to select a product that you want to promote. Now you must be thinking about what product you will select.

For this, you need to make use of the second requirement that I mentioned earlier in this article.

The second requirement that I mentioned is a good network of people. On your network, you need to know every detail about everyone. If you know the requirements of people in your network, then you will have a clear idea of what to promote to your network and make them buy it.

For example, if anyone in your network is looking for a good headphone then share some products from Shopsy with them and if they are interested you will have another customer in your hand.

You can search for the product from the product catalog or you can also search for that product directly from the search bar.


How can I earn by shopping online?

You can join affiliate programs of various e-commerce websites to make money online while shopping.

What is Shopsy & how can I earn money using Shopsy?

Shopsy is an application launched by Flipkart from which you can earn commission by either purchasing products for yourself or your friends.

Is Flipkart & Shopsy the same?

Shopsy is a different app launched by Flipkart through which you can make money by sharing products already available on Flipkart.


So this is the complete process of how you can share products with your friends and your network and earn commission on every purchase. 

This is best for those who make a lot of purchases from Flipkart for themselves or someone else.

You can start your own business without any investment by just using this amazing app. Hope you have a clear idea now about how you can make money using Flipkart.

P.S. You can also make money via the Flipkart affiliate program.

You can appreciate our efforts by sharing this post with your friends & family!

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