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5 Effective Study Techniques to help you Score 100/100 in 2019

Effective Study Techniques: I think the best way to become an effective student is to study hard in a smarter way. Don’t take me wrong, What I believe in is “Minimum Hard work with maximum smartness” is the key to become an effective student.

Have you heard about the “Pareto Principle?” , according to which “20 % of your activities will account for 80% of your results “

Is it possible? Can we apply the same in studying? The answer is “Yes“.

But the question is How to?

I’ll answer the same in this post, the only need is to invest your 10 to 15 minutes on reading this post. I hope you’ll go through the whole article.

5 Effective Study Techniques to help you Score 100/100 in 2019

Effective Study Techniques to Help you Score 100/100 in 2019

Most of the students fail to study in an effective manner and as a result, get lesser grades than others who study effectively.

After doing a lot of research, I’ve come across with these points which I’m going to share with you. So let us start…

Tip 1: Choose the Best Time of Your Day

Every student has a peak learning time, you have to identify which time is best for you, i.e. when you are most productive.

Not the same time is applicable for all but everyone, it depends on your body’s effectiveness. So you have to select that peak learning time out of your day.

It is not necessary that you have to study in the early morning or late at night. It all depends on when you are most effective.

Even I also as a student never study in the early morning or at late night but it only follows on me. Maybe it also follows on you but you should select on your level of effectiveness.

Don’t ignore other activities like playing, socializing, exercise, etc. because these activities help you in staying healthy & creative.

Always try to choose that time when distractions are minimized.

Tip 2: Have a Short Time Table: Plan Your Day in Advance.

Having a timetable is one of another great effective study techniques. The best way to complete your tasks is to be pre-planned, as it will save your lot of time.

Also If you have no idea, how you will be going to study then, believe me, you’ll never be able to study effectively.

Take a small part of your day & use it for planning your next day.

If you ask me, I’ll suggest you, a half-an-hour before you’re going to bed is the best time to prepare a task list. (At the end of this post I’ll suggest you mobile applications that can help you make your to-do list)

Whether you’re a school or a college student, Fix the time how much you’re willing to give to your subjects.

e.g. Suppose, I’ve to study three subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, then I can give one hour to each subject or more. ( you can add more hours too)

Tip 3: Break Time ( 50/10 or 60/10 )

I highly recommended you to take 10 to 15 minutes of spacing between each of the two subjects.

Don’t try to use your smartphone in the breaks, as I’ve told you to choose a break time of 10 to 15 minutes,  and I know very well that when you open your smartphone, you will surely lose a big part of your time.

And later you’ll feel regret about that, So try to avoid your phone during the break time.

You can feel more energetic by doing meditation for 5 to 6 minutes. ( A simple meditation is to take a long breath in & breath out ), you can also try to have a walk, Or If you’re feeling sleepy, then you can try an instant coffee.

Tip 4: Try Smart Study Skills

Try to study harder subjects at the very beginning & easier ones at the last, as it helps you to accomplish your daily goals without being bored.

Some of the smart skills which you can use: make flashcards, notes, snippets, try to summarise the chapter. For more, you can ask me in the comment section.

Avoid the use of smartphones & other electronic gadgets. In the end, I’ll tell you about the mobile applications that can help you stay away from it.

Tip 5: Stay Consistent

After all, you’ve to stay consistent with your routine for at least 21 days.

As 21 is an amazing number. Believe me, if you continuously practice above 4 tips for 21 days, it becomes your habit and comes under your reflex action.

Try to be motivated by watching motivational & inspirational videos on YouTube, reading good books can also help you stay motivated & follow your daily routine. Also, try to view your task list several times a day.

Try to answer these two questions at the end of your day i.e. What I’ve learned today? and How I can be more effective? Try to write these two answers every night before sleeping in your personal diary.

Don’t feel disappointed or regret it if you haven’t completed your task list at the end of your day. Instead, try to constantly improve yourself the next day.

Pro Tip :

Always try to relate whatever you’re reading with the current situation. It will help you remember it for a long time & make it settle on your subconscious mind.

Let me explain this with the help of a story:

Once a teacher is teaching his students & the students feel difficulty in learning the spelling of the word “assassination”, then the teacher explain it in such a way that students never forget, i.e.

ASSASSINATION: ASS over ASS, am over them & above me the whole NATION.
In this way, he told & students never forget that word. It is how you can relate whatever you are reading or learning with the current situation. Don’t take it as a joke, its a proven technique.

Mobile Applications That Can Help You Building a Steel Strong Focus :(Effective Study Techniques)

These apps are available on Android as well as iOS store. You can continue to download by clicking on Link provided below:

i) Evernote: Evernote is an amazing app which can help you a lot more than other apps, it helps you creating notes, reminders, make your daily to-do list, checklist & a lot more.

>> Download Evernote

ii) Todoist:
This is also a powerful app, helps you creating your To-do List & complete it on time.

>> Download Todoist 

iii) Cold Turkey: Do you ever heard about this app? It’s really amazing, This app can help you build your focus by completely blocking everything on your phone for 1 to 60 minutes.

>> Download Cold Turkey

Free Video to Help You Improve Concentration & Memory:

A Little Request :

I hope this post (5 Effective Study Techniques to help you Score 100/100 in 2019) will help you study more effectively. I know a lot of queries are still coming into your mind, & it’s good, You can ask us anything related to this topic fluently in the comment section.

One more thing, Do you think these tips will make a difference??

If yes, then Share this post with others too. Your little effort of sharing will help them to study effectively.

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  1. It is really great post…its help me for making the plan for overcoming from the Procrastination.

    "Think about smart work if you think we can" otherwise follow the rule of world "Do hard work like donkey and enjoy your life"

  2. Such a useful tips specially for lazzy people like me�� for sure going to use these tips n apps … thanku for this amazing post ….n u r doing grt ������

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