Eat That Frog Book Summary (21 Great ways to Stop Procrastinating)

Eat That Frog Book Summary:

The human brain is a resource-hungry organ that has a hard time with anything that requires prolonged concentration.

It’s in our nature to feel a lack of focus in this modern world, but it’s our responsibility to break free from the shackles of multitasking and give our minds some serious rest.

Brian Tracy, author of the book “Eat That Frog,” posits that to maximize our productivity, we must eat the frog first. We must complete the most difficult task on our plate. If we fail to complete the first task we have to get off and start over.

In this book, the author tells about 21 Great ways to Stop Procrastinating which can help you get more done in less time.

Here I’m not going to explain all the 21 points, but Instead, I’ll share the summary of this book which will be helpful to “achieve more in less time“.

I’ve made 3 main principles out of this book which will surely clear all your doubts.

Eat That Frog Book Summary

A Brief Discussion (Eat That Frog Book Summary)

According to Brian Tracy, the author of this book, ”The best time to eat a frog is Early morning’‘.

Here you can relate frog with the worst & most important task of your day. Most of the time we tend to procrastinate the most important & worst work of our day by making excuses like :

  • I’ll do it later!
  • Let me do it in the evening!
  • I’ll do it tomorrow!

Using such words increases our stress level & sometimes may lead to a headache. Another reason is, In the early morning our will-power is maximum & thus we can do the worst work in the best possible way.

I personally have experienced most of the times that, when I finish the most important & worst task of the day, I tend to feel happy & stress-free.

This is so because when we do so our brain releases a chemical known as Endorphin which makes us feel better. Also doing so increases our self-esteem & confidence.

Now let us move to the solution…???

For making this possible, the author has shared a lot of ways you can use to boost your productivity.

I will share some of them with you so that you can make proper use of time & get rid of procrastination.

Principle 1: Set the Table

An important reason by which we cannot make good use of time & keep procrastinating is confusion & lack of clarity.

If you wanna make the best use of your time, First of all, be clear about your goals & targets and for this, you’ve to follow a 7-Step procedure which is like that :

Step 1: Decide Exactly what You want?

First decide exactly what you want in your financial life, health, relationship & social life & stay clear about it.

Step 2: Think on Paper!

Only 3% of People on the planet Earth actually have their goals written on paper. By writing your goals on paper, your chance to meet success increases by up to 97%.

You know what, “Our mind is not good at storing information but it works best when it comes to creating new ideas”. So as much as possible, try to write your goals & other important things on paper.

Step 3: Make Deadlines!

After writing all your goals, give them deadlines because for completing any task on time, you should give it a deadline otherwise you’ll keep procrastinating.

Step 4: Make a List!

You’ve to make a list of all the tasks which you should do to achieve your goals. (Completely Explained in Principle 2 )

Step 5: Organize the List & make Plan!

First write all the tasks you need to achieve your goals, well organize them & make a simple plan on How to Complete them? (Explained in Principle 3 )

Step 6: Take Action On your Plan !!

After making your plans take immediate action because in the end “Actions lead to satisfaction” and not just planning.

Step 7: Resolve Yourself to do things every day that moves you toward your Goals

Read Motivational books, Learn Skills, Take coaching, Find a mentor, and do everything which can help you to accomplish your goals.

This is the 7-Step procedure for Goal Setting and is helpful for the achievement of your goals.

Principle 2: Plan every day in ADVANCE

Time management has important 6P Formula which is as:

POOR (5)

Planning a few minutes before starting the work can save a lot of your time & can be helpful in completing your task on time. Now let us move to another point i.e. how to make a list?

How to Make a List?

Here the author tells about creating four lists instead of creating a single one which is as follows :

i). Master List

Master List consists of all the goals which you wanna achieve in your Life or Lifetime Goals. e.g.

Eat that frog book summary
ii). Monthly List

Here you have to write all your goals which you wanna achieve in 1 month.

But remember one thing, This list must have at least one work that can help you accomplish the most important goals in your master list. e.g.

eat that frog summary
iii). Weekly List

Write all the tasks you can achieve in one week. Here too, remember that this list is capable of accomplishing your monthly list in parts. e.g.

eat that frog summary
iv). Daily List

Here you’ll write all the tasks you wanna achieve in a single day & these tasks must be helpful in completing your weekly list in parts. e.g.

eat that frog summary

These are the four lists you have to make. You can add additional tasks to these lists. Make all the lists in advance i.e. What principle 2 says?

Suppose you wanna make Daily List for tomorrow then make all the lists before sleeping on the first day.

Principle 3: ABCDE Technique

ABCDE is a simple and most effective priority technique which makes sure that you’re completing your tasks on time.

eat that frog summary
Image Source: SlideShare

After creating all your lists, you have to prioritize the work in the list as :

  • A ≈ Very Important work with huge consequences.
  • B ≈ Important work with moderate consequences.
  • C ≈ Good to do but with no consequences.
  • D ≈ Work that can be delegated to others.
  • E ≈ Works that can be eliminated with no effect.

If you have two important tasks with huge consequences then you can mark them as A1 and A2.

But out of the two A1 is more important than A2 i.e. What the author says in his book: “If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first”.

In this way, you can organize your list. If you implement these three principles from “Eat That Frog Book Summary” in your life then you’ll surely be capable of Stop Procrastinating & Get More Done in Less Time. 

I’ve tried to explain everything in this post. If still have any queries left, you can ask me in the comment box. You can also put your suggestions in the comment box.

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Reference: SeeKen YouTube Channel


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