Raman Effect : Experimental Setup & Explaination

Raman Effect

Raman Effect: When a strong beam of visible or UV light illuminates a gas a liquid or transparent solid a small fraction of light is scattered in all directions the spectrum of the scattered light is found to consist of lines of the same frequencies as the incident beam called Rayleigh lines and also a … Read moreRaman Effect : Experimental Setup & Explaination

Franck Condon Principle : Nuclear Physics

Franck Condon Principle

Franck Condon Principle: The distribution of intensity among the bonds of on electronic bond system varies greatly from one molecule to other and from one bond system to another of some molecule. Let us take three molecules O, CO, I2 molecules: In the case of O,2 the (O, O) bond is maximum intense while the … Read moreFranck Condon Principle : Nuclear Physics

Molecule as an anharmonic Oscillator

Molecule as an anharmonic Oscillator

The molecule as an anharmonic Oscillator: A comparison of the observed infrared spectrum with that expected from a diatomic molecule is treated as a harmonic oscillator shows an important disagreement. The molecule as an anharmonic Oscillator The harmonic oscilator would give a single band at ω(cm^-1) which is the classical frequency of vibration of the … Read moreMolecule as an anharmonic Oscillator

Molecule as a Harmonic Oscillator

Molecule as a harmonic Oscillator

The molecule as a harmonic Oscillator: The near-infrared spectrum is obtained due to vibrations of the nuclei in the diatomic molecule along the internuclear axis. This simplest possible assumption about the form of vibration is to treat the molecule as a harmonic oscillator. Making this substitution, in eq. (i) , we get : This gives … Read moreMolecule as a Harmonic Oscillator

Vibrational Rotational Spectra : Molecular Physics

Vibrational Rotational Spectra

Some of the salient features of vibrational-rotational spectra are as follows : Vibrational-rotational spectra arise from the transition between vibrational energy states associated with the same electronic state of the molecules. These spectra are observed in the near-infrared region. These spectra are observed only for the molecule which has the permanent dipole moment, i.e. heteronuclear diatomic … Read moreVibrational Rotational Spectra : Molecular Physics

Diatomic molecule as a Rigid Rotator : Explanation of Rotational Spectra

The diatomic molecule as a Rigid Rotator: Let us start our topic with a question as asked below: Obtain an expression for Rotational Energy of a rotating rigid diatomic molecule? Indicate how this expression is modified If the molecule is non-rigid.   The simplest model of rotating diatomic molecule is rigid rotator. Let us consider … Read moreDiatomic molecule as a Rigid Rotator : Explanation of Rotational Spectra