7 Best To-Do-List Apps For College Students

Best To-do-list Apps for College & University Students:

We live in a digital world & our studies are not limited to books. These days, students not only use smartphones or gadgets just for recreation but also for studying. 

iOS and Android contribute dozens of programs and apps for college students that can help you keep pace with society and enhance your learning process.

In this blog post, I am here with the 7 best to-do-list apps for college & university students.

These apps will help you properly plan your day with a to-do list. Also, note that this is not a sponsored listing, we have picked these apps based on ease of use & features.

So, all students should read this post carefully. The composition may take you 3 to 5 minutes, but you will get long-lasting benefits.

Best to-do-list Apps for College Students

The complete list comprises of most trusted apps that are available on both Android as well as iOS store. Almost all apps offer free as well as a paid version.

Number #1 on our list is Google Task. Let’s see how it can help you create a To-do-list.

1. Google Task

One of the best, simple & user-friendly app for making a To-do-List. Some of its cool features include integration with other Google apps like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc.

Google Task: #1 To do List app for college students

Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Calendar offer an easy way to list web versions in the sidebar. 

It has a powerful sync feature that provides real-time changes on more than one device.

It is a straightforward app. Tasks are composed of scheduled dates, lists, and so on. 

This app is free to use, and you can use it on both smartphone & desktop devices.

2. Microsoft To Do

It is another fantastic app for college students.

Here tasks can be organized by scheduled dates or in a list. It has some visual tweaks that you can do, such as a dark mode. 

Microsoft To-do: #2 To do List App for College Students

Along with all these features, you can also set a theme and icon for all your lists that will help you organize things. 

Integrating Microsoft with Zapier allows you to integrate your work with up to 1000 more apps.

You can use this app on both Windows and Android. And it’s completely free which make it #2 in best to-do-list apps for college students. 

3. Todoist

Currently, Todoist is apparently the most famous to-do list on the market. It can be made available for basically every platform in the world. 

Todoist: #3 To do list app for College students

That means it can sync to other devices. Here you can easily use the interface. It allows you to manage all your tasks here as you like without feeling upset.

A widget lets you view tasks from your home screen and subtract new ones quickly. The notifications here help you know when tasks are scheduled, and you can also summarize tasks every morning if you wish.

All of this makes the Todoist app great to try. Moreover, if you don’t understand what you’re seeking in the to-do list app. This app has both premium and free versions.

4. Tick Tick

The Tick Tick app is a little less familiar, but it is better to pay attention to it. 

There are many ways to prepare your tasks containing scheduled dates, lists, and tags. And you can sync all these with any device you own, in support of numerous platforms.

Tick-tick app

This app provides other features that other apps don’t usually. Here is a calendar view that can be integrated with your Android calendar and an interface that allows you to view your tasks and appointments. 

Also, there are many widgets for the home screen where you can look at any list or calendar. This app has a built-in Pomodoro timer. Using it, you can allocate your time to different tasks without getting distracted.

5. Ike to-do List

Ike is another useful to-do-list app for college students. It contains many daily needed stuff such as Work Schedules, reminders, alarms, planning of upcoming days, etc. 

Ike to-do List App

The animation is marvelous, and all of the features are compatible and simple.

This app has both a free and premium version. The paid version provides some extra services like syncing with other social media, enjoying the UI system, etc. 

The most noticeable thing is, it’s just one time payable for the pro version, whereas another to-do list app requires a monthly or yearly subscription.

6. Any Do

The user interface is very realistic. This app will handle both your calendar and your to-do list and speed up while tasks and appointments are attached. It will optionally help you plan your day.

Any do app

Additionally, it can detect your missed phone calls and hint you to attend them. It will also allow you to drag appointments from the default Google Calendar and will enable you to view all your tasks and schedules in one place.

7. Superdo

Last but not least, Superdo is another amazing app that you can use to manage your to-do list. It is one of the most simple apps in which you have to just enter your daily tasks and it will prioritize them for you so that you make the most of your time.

Super Do App

Along with this, It will also monitor your checklist’s actions and send you notifications. It will also show you if you have sufficient time for all the daily tasks listed. 

Superdo keeps an eye on all the work – for the people’s busy working life and be able to export and excel the job every day at work.

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7 Best To-do-list Apps for College Students


I have listed some of the best to-do-list apps for college students & I hope you will find them helpful.

I am personally using To-do-List apps every day for the last few years & the results are awesome. Using a To-do-List helps me better prioritize everything & in staying disciplined.

You can try any of these apps, but make sure to make a To-do-list regularly – no matter whether you are following it or not. If you do this regularly, I am 100% sure, you will also start following it in the next few days.

Appreciate our efforts by sharing this post with your loved ones.

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