5 Best Study apps for College Students [2022 Edition]

Best Study Apps for College Students

With the advancement of technology, studying becomes a lot easier than it was before. Of course, digitization is helping a lot in improving the essence of education.

There are hundreds of apps available in the market which claims to help you study online. In this post, I am gonna share 5 best study apps for college students, that are worth installing.

Almost all of the apps that I am gonna share are free to download. These apps are available at both Android & iOS app stores.

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5 Best Study Apps for College Students

There are hundreds of Android & iOS apps available in the market which seems to be best for college students.

Most of these apps are just there to waste your valuable time & only a few are worth installing. So here is a complete list of 5 best study apps for college students that really helps:

1. Evernote [Freemium]

Evernote: 5 Best Study Apps for College Students​

This is the only app I am using for last 3 years. Evernote is the best note-taking app available on both Android & iOS stores.

It can help you collect your ideas in the form of searchable notebooks, to-do lists & checklists.

It can also be used for scanning documents & cards. Evernote is the best app that can help you stay organized.

You can sync your notes across two devices in free version while Evernote premium gives you access to sync with unlimited devices.

2. Khan Academy [Free]

khan academy

I bet you have heard about Khan Academy before. It is a non-profit organization, helping millions of students studying online. They offer a wide range of online courses for free.

Over 60 million students, from around the world, learn on Khan Academy. If you have already used their website, check out their mobile app. It’s awesome.

Khan Academy mobile app can help you build strong conceptual understandings, study for exams, homework help and a lot more.

They offer video tutorials, quizzes, unit tests & over 40,000 interactive questions.

Overall Khan Academy’s app is worth installing.

3. Todoist [Freemium]


The best way to bring your vision into reality is by writing your goals. If you are a college student like I was before, who can’t stick to a time table, then Todoist is for you.

With Todoist, you can keep track of everything – from grocery shopping to getting your college assignment completed.

It helps you write all your daily goals as a to-do list so that you can accomplish each of them before time.

The best this about this app is you can view your daily & weekly accomplishments in the form of beautiful graphs. Same as Evernote, you can also sync your to-do list across all devices.

The premium version of Todoist gives you unlimited access to powerful task management features.

4. MyFitnessPal [Freemium]


Students preparing for various competitive exams normally don’t think about their health until they are caught by an illness.

MyFitnessPal is a free app that can help you track your daily calorie intake so that you can stay fit.

With the database of 5 million foods, it can help you stay healthy with a balanced diet.

Using MyFitnessPal as a college student can help you reach your goals even faster than before.

The free plan of MyFitnessPal covers most of the data. However, upgrading for paid plan gives you unlimited access to verified foods and better insights.

5. ALarmy: Sleep If You Can!

Alarmy: #1 Best Alarm Clock app for College Students

If you are one of those who can’t get up even with an alarm clock, then Alarmy is for you. It is one of the most annoying alarm clock app with loud ringtones.

This is not like the simple alarm clock where you just hit the Snooze button. Here you get a number of challenges which you have to complete.

You can set the challenge before sleeping. Here are some top challenges:

  • When the alarm clock starts ringing, you will have to go to the registered place and take a picture for the alarm to stop.
  • Solving a few maths problems to turn off the alarm.

This app is best for lazy students. If you are one, try this.


In this complete post, I have suggested 5 best study apps for college students. These are those apps which I have personally used (or using) for a long time.

Using these apps, I have got great results & I hope these apps help you too in succeeding as a college student.

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