7 Best (Budget-Friendly) Headphones for College Students in India

With the advancement in technology, the trend of online classes is increasing day by day. Headphones came out to be one of the most essential accessories a college student needs. 

If you are thinking of buying new headphones for yourself, then you should invest once and invest in something good.

You are not going to buy new headphones at the end of every semester; you are going to buy them once for use till your graduation.

This list comprises those headphones that are durable and will help you while you perform various tasks like concentrating on studies or hitting the gym or going for a jog.

As a college student, you’ll need a headphone to be with you in every situation whether it be to help you listen to your lectures (or those late nights gaming sessions).

Let’s dive right in!

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Best Headphones for College Students

I have listed some of the best handpicked headphones for college students that are both affordable as well as affordable. You can use our affiliate link provided at the end of each product in order to check prices & even to get one for yourself.

*One thing before starting — don’t compromise on the price otherwise you will be compromising on the quality.

So here is the list of Best headphones for college students!

1. Sony WH-CH510

If you are looking for a headphone that will provide you full value for money then you can definitely trust Sony. Sony has been in the headphone market for a very long time and knows what their customers want.

This headphone is built with Bluetooth wireless technology that will allow you to perform an unrestricted movement.

What everyone likes about this headphone is its long-lasting battery life of 35 hours on only a one-time charge-up.

This zero-compromise Sony WH-CH510 Headphones will give you the clearest sound no matter what you are listening to.

And with the help of Voice-assistant Compatibility, you will be able to give a command to your phone’s voice assistant with just a press of a button. You can also use the buttons to change tracks, adjust volume, and play or stop the music without reaching for your phone.


  • Wireless Streaming
  • Quick Charging and 35 hours Battery Life
  • Highly Portable
  • Hands-free Calling
  • Voice-assistant Compatible.


  • Not waterproof — Waterproof rating isn’t mentioned.
  • No headphone jack to play via phone without Bluetooth
  • Buttons are close together and almost identical so it makes it harder to differentiate.

Bottom line:

You are getting what you are paying for. The amazing sound quality and durable build for unrestricted movements.

Great battery life and amazing design are enough for value for money. One downside is that there is no noise-canceling software that makes it harder to listen or communicate in loud surroundings.

Overall: Excellent battery life that adds a little more value for these decent headphones.

2. JBL T460BT 

JBL T460BT is a flat-folding, lightweight, comfortable, and compact on-ear wireless headphone. It is known for its pure base sound. With the help of a pair of 32 mm drivers, you will get the same experience on this powerful headphone.

Bluetooth streaming lets you listen to music wirelessly for 11 hours continuously. Buttons are available on the earcups to help you control the calls and adjust the music and volume.

This is the best value for money product in its price range that will provide you pure comfort and a quality base music listening experience.

Pros of JBL T460BT

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • Call and music control buttons on earcup
  • Flat-foldable, lightweight, and comfortable
  • 11 hours of playtime
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • JBL pure bass music listening.

Cons of JBL T460BT

  • Feel uncomfortable after long use.
  • White noise in the background can be noticed
  • Noise cancelation is not available.

Bottom line:

This headphone is best for indoor usage but not for a long time continuously. It is Flat-foldable which makes it easy to carry around in a bag or round neck. If you want the feel of JBL pure bass then you must go for this headphone.

3. boAt Rockerz 450

The boAt is a reputed brand in the headphone industry. Its boAt Rockerz 450 is from the super cheap boAt Rockerz series that provides a premium product in your budget.

Although it comes with a Bluetooth playback feature, the best thing about this headphone is you can play music on it by using an aux cable too. But an aux cable is not provided with the box but if you want you can get one for yourself.

What’s better about this headphone is its long-lasting battery of 15 hours and getting fully charged takes only 2 hours.

Moreover, they mentioned a range of 10 meters which is enough to cover every corner of your house and classroom.

On the downside, the noise cancelation is not as promised, so it can be a problem if you decide to use it in a noisy surrounding like a park or in the open.


  • 15 hours of playback time
  • Fast charging
  • Voice assistant supported on both Android and iOS
  • 1-year warranty from the date of purchase
  • comfortable earcups


  • Aux cable is not in the box
  • Noise cancelation is below average
  • Not so loud

Bottom line:

You should definitely go for this if you are looking forward to using the headphones for a long period. Its adjustable comfortable ear cups will serve the ultimate comfort while listening. All these features makes in #3 in best headphones for college students.

4. boAt Rockerz 400

On a tight budget, this is the best alternative to boAt Rockerz 450. It offers 8 hours of playback time with a full charge time of 2 hours.

Voice assistant is also available for both android and iOS to help you control the headset without reaching for your phone. If you are a college student and looking for the best headphones then you can go for these headphone as this is light to carry around and has decent battery life.

Although the look is not at best and the sound shrills at high volumes which is annoying.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Good base and mids
  • Good battery life


  • Plastic body — not durable
  • Sound shrill at high volumes
  • Average call quality

Bottom line:

The Boat Rockerz 400 is the best choice for an affordable pair of Bluetooth headphones. Although the audio quality is good, the sound shrills at a very high volume, if you aren’t going to listen at full volume then it won’t be a problem at all. Not good for calling but ok for casual music listening.

5. Infinity (JBL) Glide 500

If you’re a music lover & looking for the best possible headset for your budget, then this headphone is for you. The long-lasting battery life of around 20 hours with a quick charging facility makes it an ideal choice for those who love long-listening hours.

Infinity Glide Headphones

Its lightweight and flat foldable design make it easy to carry anywhere with you. And its soft ear cups give you unmatchable comfort.

It also has a dual equalizer mode using which you can listen to both normal and deep bass music. When all these features come with a 1-Year warranty there is nothing more you need, Just go for it.


  • Dual Equalizer Modes
  • 20 Hours Battery Backup, Quick Charge
  • Comfortable Ear-Cushions
  • Lightweight & Flat-Foldable Design
  • Wireless Streaming
  • Hands-Free calling


  • Average Noise cancelation

Bottom line:

One with fewer cons and more pros looks like a good product to me, and to you?

I didn’t find any more cons of it to write as his product is good overall. Only it has a problem of noise cancelation that means you can’t use it in a place with a lot of noise around you. Otherwise, the product is excellent.

6. Sennheiser HD 206 507364

Sennheiser HD 206 has all the top-shelf features. Its Powerful sound reproduction will give you a rich and crisp bass sound. It’s very lightweight and feels super comfortable while wearing.

Sennheiser HD Headphones

Because of its built and attenuation to noise, it is preferred by college students. And if you are a college-going student then these headphones will be the best choice as per your need.

It also comes with a cable of 3 meters to play both wirelessly and wired.


  • Well-balanced soundstage
  • Superior full-spectrum sound
  • Build with durable rugged materials
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to use


  • Basic outward appearance
  • Slightly-Above-Average performance

7. PTron Studio

If your budget is super tight and you still want to go for Over-the-ear Wireless Headphones then this will provide the best value for money in your tight budget.

PTron Studio Headphones

It has buttons on the earcap to perform multiple functions; you can control the music, calls, and volumes without reaching for the phone.

The most notable feature of this headphone is its batteries of 400mAh that is enough to last 12 hours if you listen to music only and will last for 10 hours of talk time wirelessly.

You are getting all this with 1 year of the manufacturer warranty, so what more do you need at this price range?


  • Comfortable ear cups
  • Durable
  • Use it like a wired headphone
  • Built-in microphone and control buttons


  • Not foldable
  • No bass
  • Not good for calling

Bottom line:

pTron Studio headphones provide you with a long battery life a full day can be spent without charging once in between.

You can enjoy full pure stereo sound quality from 40 mm speakers. Bluetooth v5.0 technology will help you keep a strong and stable connection up to 10-meter from the connected device.

The built-in mic and headphone buttons will help you perform tasks like call management and music control efficiently.

Over to You: Best Headphones for College Students

Now it’s all on you to decide whether you want to go for cheap material and get a bad quality product or you will invest once and make your investment count.

Whatever headphone you chose it’s going to be with you throughout your college life so make sure you think over it properly and then take the right decision of which headphone to buy.

This list is limited but your options are not. Although all the headphones in this list are good as per user review and from personal experience, you are free to check other headphones.

This list of best headphones for college students will give you an idea of the price range and the quality of the product you will get.

If you have any doubt regarding any of the products then comment below and we will help you with your dilemma and help you choose the best.

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