Inadequacy of Classical Mechanics : Origin of Quantum Theory

In this article we are going to discuss Inadequacy of classical mechanics and origin of quantum mechanics. So let us start with the basis of development of classical mechanics.
The development of Classical mechanics is based on Newton’s three laws :
  • Law of Inertia
  • Law of Force
  • Law of Action and Reaction
The classical mechanics explain correctly the motion of celestial body like planets, stars, and microscopic terrestrial body moving with non- relativistic speed.
Inadequacy of Classical Mechanics are : 
  • It does not holds in region of atomic dimensions.
  • It could not explain the observed spectra of black body radiation.
  • It could not explain the observed variation of specific heat of metal and gases.
  • It could not explain observed spectrum of black body radiation.
  • It could not explain the origin of discrete spectra of atoms since according to classical mechanics the energy changes are always continuous.
  • Classical Mechanics could not explain the large number of phenomenon like photoelectric effect, Raman effect etc.
The inadequacy of Classical Mechanics led to origin of Quantum Mechanics.
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