How to Follow Your New Year Resolution ? Fullonstudy wishes you a Happy New Year 2018 !!

How to Follow Your New Year Resolution ? Fullonstudy wishes you a Happy New Year 2018 !!

Hello friends ! A warm welcome to all the students on our blog. Fullonstudy wishes all our readers “A Happy & Prosperous New Year 2018”.We hope you’ll achieve all your dreams in 2018. Okay ! Let’s move to the today’s subject, i.e. How to follow Your New Year Resolution ?

At the last day of the year i.e. 31st Dec most of us make a new year resolution but 92 % of peoples who make new year resolution fails to complete it. About 80% of resolution breaks by 2nd of January and rest after one or two weeks. According to Forbes, Only 8% of peoples follow their New year Resolution.
And the main question arises after reading the above paragraph is ,”How to Follow Your New Year Resolution ??
Let’s move to the solution, Read the below quote carefully i.e.
 “Starting Goal Should be So Small that Chances of Failure becomes zero ” 
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It’s a bitter truth that most of us when starts our New Year with Big or Medium sized goals like :
  • I’ll do 1/2 hr exercise daily
  • I’ll read 1 chapter of a book daily
  • I’ll solve 25 maths problems daily ,
then, we fails to complete such large or medium sized goals. Instead If we choose small stupid goals at start until it becomes our habit, then chances of Failure will be zero and we can follow them in easy way. 
e.g. Instead of above three examples, If we make our resolutions as :
  • I’ll do 1 push-up daily.
  • I’ll read 1 line or 1 paragraph of a chapter daily.
  • I’ll solve 1 maths problem daily.
then, it is quite easy to do all the tasks and it’ll surely comes into our reflex actions.
Let’s move to the benefits of setting Small stupid goals at the start :

1. Rest to Motion 

Most of us when set a goal like , “I’ve to do 1/2 hr workout” then it is very hard for us to move from rest mode to motion but If we set a small goal like ,“I’ve to do 1 push-up” then we’ll definitely do it & it’ll make us feel like a winner & boost our confidence level.
Hence, Small stupid goals help us to come out from rest mode to motion mode. It help in giving us positive affirmations which are important for us to follow our resolutions.

2. Zero to Hero

I’ve seen it many times that when we plan our day ,most of other tasks we face which are urjent but not so important for us. In that case at the end of our day we’re not able to complete our daily ToDo & feel like a looser. 
But If we set small stupid goals, we can easily complete these goals even if we don’t get too much time or If we’ve lost most of our energy in completing non important tasks. 
Hence mini goals help us in becoming “Zero to Hero”

3. Help You Stay Consistent

The best thing about Small stupid goals is that these mini goals help you stay continuous  in your resolution.
It becomes really easy to not break continuity when you make mini goals & it’ll help you form permanent habit and giving success in your resolution.

4. Gives You Emotional Push 

Usually setting up medium or big sized goals in start is not best because when we’re not able to complete them, it decreases our self confidence & self believe. Hence most of us start thinking like ,“I can’t do this ?”  and never try again.
On other hand mini habits increases self confidence, gives us emotional push & help us to achieve our goals.
Note : One thing that I skip is you’ve to follow your mini goals untill it becomes your habit & always try to increase your limits starting from Zero. 
Conclusion : If you’re one who fails to make good habits & not able to follow your ToDo then setting up small stupid goals at start of your resolution are best for you as it help us in : 
  • Come out from Rest to Motion i.e. from our comfort zone.
  • We can complete these goals even if we’re exhausted.
  • Mini goals help us to remain continuous in our resolution.
  • Gives us emotional push.
So, I think All your doubts are cleared regarding How to follow your New Year Resolution ? 
You can also purchase the below book about the mini habits by Stephen Guise.
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