Properties & Applications of LASER

1. Properties of LASER :
It has following properties :-
  • The LASER beam is completely coherent. 
  • The LASER light is perfectly monochromatic. 
  • The LASER rays are almost perfectly parallel.
  •  Hence a LASER beam is very narrow & can travel to long distances without spreading. 
  • It can be brought to an extremely sharp focus. 
  • The LASER beam is extremely intense. It can vapourise even the hardest metal. 
2. Applications of LASER :

It has following applications :
  • LASER is used in vaporisation or melting of hard metals. 
  • It is used to monitor road weather. 
  • Highly collimated beam of LASER is used in welding & cutting in automobile industry. 
  • It is used in treatment of cancer due to it’s sharp focus.
  • Defense & security solutions are also using LASER to provide correct information. 

These are some properties & applications of LASER. 
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