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MASER ,It’s Principle & Applications

1. What is MASER ?

The term MASER stands for “Molecular (or microwave) Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation “
The working of MASER is similar to LASER. 
> The principleof stimulated emission on which MASER is based was first employed with Micro-wave region (frequency 10^10 Hz) and therefore the device is called MASER. 
2. Explain Principle of MASOR. 

The MASER action is based on principle of population inversion followed by stimulated emission. 
For stimulated emission, most of the atoms shoulf be in excited state, therefore population of atoms in higher energy level is increased by pumping the matter by photons of appropriate size. 
If during excited stated of atoms,  it is stuck by a matching photon, it will emit a same photon which is in the same phase. 
3. Applications of MASER:

  • it is used mostly in satellite communication.
  • In case of air to air communication we use MASER. 
  • it is also used in RADAR technology. 
  • it is used as amplifier & oscillator in microwave. 

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