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Kumaun University Sem-III & Sem-IV Complete Syllabus Free Download(pdf)

Hello friends welcome to fullonstudy,
I’m  Harish from team fullonstudy and today I am providing Sem-III & Sem-IV syllabus for Kumaun University.

In my last posts on Kumaun University, Ive posted some notes of Bsc and other study material. If you haven’t go through this yet, then follow this link of Kumaun University.

LINK: Study material of Kumaun University

Ok let us discuss about the syllabus of Kumaun University. Actually I’ve created a pdf of Kumaun University syllabus which includes following Subjects :

i). Zoology  ii). Chemistry iii).Mathematics  

iv). Botany   v). Physics

For all the above Subjects of Bsc Sem III & IV syllabus is provided below in the download link:


Okk u can download Kumaun University Syllabus from the above link. Still if you are unable to download this pdf then you can write to me in comment section & I’ll send you the same syllabus via Email.

Thanks, & at last one more thing share this post with others too so that we can create a support for others.

 In my next post I’ll publish more study material for Kumaun University. So If you’ve not yet Subscribed to Our Newsletter, then Please SUBCRIBE HERE.

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