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What are Atomic Energy Levels?

Hey!  Today I’m  going to explain What Atomic Energy levels are?
In my last post I’ve discussed about Spectral Series of Hydrogen atom you should go through it. 

Bohr model explain that a single electron can remain in different but definite energy states.

When an electron passes from lower to higher energy state. The lowest energy state of the electron is said to be ground state.
Any state other than ground state is known as excited state, which are called first excited state, second excited state and so on.

Such a plot is known as energy level diagram or Atomic Energy Levels.

Also the difference in energies of ground state & excited state is shown as :

Fig 2. Various States of electron with Energy in eV

Here, It should be noted that the energy difference between ground state & first excited state is approximately 10.2 eV

while the energy difference between first excited state and second excited state is 2 eV.

In my next topic I’ll explain de-Broglie model of atom & Bohr Quantum Conditions.

Still any questions, query or your lovely suggestions write to us in comment section. 

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