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So,  today I am telling you the most important topic “SCHRODINGER WAVE EQUATION” Basically there are different question are asking from this please read carefully and if  you have any doubt regarding any topic so please give your valuable comments ..

Let’s start the topic know :



 YEAR : Derived in 1925 and published in 1926.

For this great work “SCHRODINGER” was win the  Nobel prize in Physics in 1933

 SCHRODINGER WAVE EQUATION is the mathematical equation that describes over the time of physical system in which quantum effects such as wave particle duality are significant..

In simple word we say that :
  “The wave  motion of the electron in this QUANTUM(wave) MECHANICS  is described with the help of an equation known as Schrodinger wave equation which is a differential equation”

It can be developed from the general differential equation of wave motion in one dimension ,i.e.,along X-axis.

Extending equation (iii), to the three dimension x, y & z, we get

This equation is known as Schrodinger wave equation. 

Wave equation for hydrogen atom
The Schrodinger Wave Equation can be successfully applied to hydrogen atom in the other hand it is difficult to apply the same in a multi electron atom.On solving this equation for the hydrogen atom or one electron species like He and Li ions we get three possible energy levels that the electron can occupy and the corresponding wave function of the electron associated with each energy level.

Schr√∂dinger equation gives a better pictures of the atom than the Bohr’s Model. This model popularly known as Quantum Mechanical Model of atom has the following important consequences :

  • The energy of electrons in an atom is Quantized 
  • The quantized energy levels in which electrons can be present are obtained from the solution of the “SCHRODINGER EQUATION”
  • As pointed by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle both the exact position & velocity of an electron can’t be determined simultaneously 
  • The atomic orbital is represented by the wave function which is also known as orbital wave function since the number of such wave function are possible for an electron the corresponding atomic orbital are also possible.
  • The probability of finding electron at a point with in an atom is proportional to square of the wave function it is also called probability density and is positive.    

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