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Discovery of Heavy Hydrogen

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Welcome once again on our daily tutorial. Last day I’ve discussed Effect of Nuclear motion on spectra of Hydrogen like atom.Today I wanna discuss something about Discovery of Heavy Hydrogen. Want to get all the posts of Atomic physics
Let us start….. 

The variation of Rydberg constant with mass of nucleus resulted in the discovery of deutron(deuterium) or heavy hydrogen. 

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen whose whose nucleus has a mass almost exactly double that of ordinary hydrogen.

Therefore, the Rydberg constant of Deuterium is slightly greater than that of Hydrogen as shown below :

Consequently, the Rydberg constant increases & wavelength of spectral line decreases.

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The wavelength of specral lines of Deuterium are slightly shorter than those of corresponding spectral lines of Hydrogen. The “Hα” line of deuterium, for example has a wavelength of 6561 A° and that of Hydrogen is 6563 A°, a small difference but sufficient for identification of deuterium.

The general nature of two spectra is however ,exactly same because atoms of both Hydrogen & Deuterium have the same electron structure.
Urey,  in 1995 , found Hydrogen spectrum by using a large concave grating. He observed that each Hydrogen line was accompanied by a very faint line slightly on the shorter wavelength side.
He measured the wavelength difference & attributed the faint line to some heavier isotope of Hydrogen. This isotope is known as ‘heavy hydrogen or ‘deuterium‘.
Deuterium Water:
Deuterium Water also known as heavy water which is same as normal water. It is formed by addition of heavy hydrogen i.e. deuterium and oxygen and is denoted by D2O. Deuterium water is highly viscous compared to normal water. Heavy water is denser than normal water by 10.6% such that ice of heavy water sinks in normal water. 

This is all about Heavy Hydrogen & it’s discovery. Hope you understand this topic. Any doubt you wanna ask us use our comment section.Thanks!

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