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How to Study for an Exam in One day? ( In 11 points)

Don’t try to study everything on a day before exam. It just increase stress & major chances are of forgetting everything when you are in the exam.
But you can score well & tackle every exam if you’ll implement these 11 points on how to tackle an exam in one day, but if you’re not going to implement then this article is not for you!

1. Have a To – Do List !

It is better to have a pre- planned to do list If you really want to score well in exam.

Tip :-  Divide your day into two parts.

           In the first half you can study concepts, important terms, formulas & summary of chapters.
In second half you should solve previous year papers because most of time we see a lot of questions are asked from previous year question papers. You should go through at least 5 year question papers.

2. Find a good place to Study

Environment play an important role in developing your focus  & effectiveness while studying.

Tip :-

(i). Choose a place away from distractions(TV, Music, Sounds, etc.)

(ii). Choose a place far  away from bed because bed makes us more comfortable & we can fall asleep.

(iii). Try to study in a desk & chair rather than bed.

(iv). Ask your family members or friends not to disturb you till you’re studying.

3. Bring all necessary Items

You should bring all material you need while studying.

Tip: –

(i).Bring pen, pencil, ruler, highlighter, textbook, notes, unsolved papers, syllabus, water bottle, snacks, computer( if required), log tables etc.

(ii). Do not bring distracting stuffs such as mobile phone, loopset, magazines, newspapers, etc.

4. Switch Off All Electronic Decices

You know “attraction to distraction” is major problem today.

Tip: –

(i). Switch your phone off or put it in flight mode.

(ii). Donot use Computer for your entertainment.

5. Better to Study Alone

It is better to study alone than the friends who can distract you, try to be away from them even on last day.

Tip :-

It is good to study in a group if you’re studying with someone who is as much smart as you.

6. Go through your notes

It is not good to study everything, better to just go through the notes. If you don’t have notes try asking your friends a copy.

Tips: –

(i). Create sub notes( i.e. smaller notes includes summary & imp. terms only )

(ii). If you won’t be able to focus, then try to say loudly whatever you’re reading.

7. Make Sheets/Flash Cards

Flash Cards are best way to keep memorizing those points which you can easily forget.

Tip: –

(i). Write Imp. terms & formula’s on flash cards.

(ii).Write summary of chapters.

8. Review your Syllabus

Keep reviewing your syllabus so that you can go through each topic given on syllabus.
Tip :-

(i). You can highlight those topics using highlighter which you’ve done.

9. Take Breaks!

It is not good to study regularly for hour’s, as it decreases our activeness.

Tip :-

(i). Take a break after every chapter you’ve completed for 10-15 minutes after that focus on the next chapter.

If you’re doing previous year papers then take a short break between each papers.

10. Motivate yourself

Try motivating yourself, because you can easily become negative in so much pressure but remember
   “Pressure makes Diamonds”

Tip :-

(i). Watch motivational vedios, story during breaks.

(ii). You can also meditate or exercise during breaks to stay active.

11. Take Sufficient Sleep

Donot try to study whole night before exam otherwise you may feel sleepy during exams.

Tip :-

(i). Try sleeping 7-8 hrs.

& thats it……..
Valuable suggestions, feedbacks are always welcomed,  write on comment box.

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